The Home OF The Galacticos

The Home OF The Galacticos

Name: Santiago Bernabeu
Address: Concha Espina 1, 28036 Madrid
Capacity: 80 000
Dimensions: 106 x 70 metres
First Match: 14th December 1947

Real Madrid play their home matches at Santiago Bernabeu named after one of it’s (the club) president.


Best Stadium For The Best Club

Best Stadium For The Best Club

Santiago Bernabeu became the president of Real Madrid I 1943. One of his priorities was building a new, big stadium. The one used until that moment – Chamartin – was definitely too small. In 1945 construction of the new stadium started and lasted for two years. After the construction was finished, the new Chamartin was considered to be among the most beautiful and modern in the world. It had a capacity of 75.342 places. The first match played there took place on the 14th December 1947 against Os Belenenses of Portugal.


7nth Wonder Of The World


In 1954 it was expanded to 125.000 (!) places and became one of the biggest in the world. Since 1957 it has been called not Chamartin, but Estadio Santiago Bernabeu – this is how Real shown its gratitude for what senor Bernabeu did for it. E. S. B. became the witness of the most glorious events in the history of the club – the five in a row European Cup triumphs and the wonderful goals of the club’s best sniper in history – Alfredo di Stefano. Among the great matches played on this stadium’s pitch were the Champions Cup finals in 1957 and 1964 as well as many finals of Copa del Rey (King’s Cup). The stadium was also the scene of many celebration connected to Real’s history, e.g. the 75th anniversary in 1977.


In 1982, due to the World Cup taking place in Spain, the stadium received a roof and its capacity was decreased to 105.000 seats. The final match of the World Cup, which took place at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, was won by Italy with a 3-1 score against Germany. In the beginning of the 90s the sharpened safety rules forced another decreasing of the capacity – to 75 thousand places – but also allowed modernising of the appearance. Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is a special place. It was and is the witness of the greatest successes in the history of Real Madrid, both in the current and past years

The stadium has been officially sanctioned by UEFA as Elite or 5 Star on its 60th year of its existence.

The Kit

The club’s kit is currently manufactured by Adidas, which is contracted to supply the club’s kit since 1998.
Real Madrid’s first shirt sponsor was Zanussi, agreed for the 1982-83, 1983-84 and 1984-85 seasons. Following that, the club was sponsored by Parmalat and Otaysa before a long-term deal was signed with Teka in 1992.

In 2001, Real Madrid ended their contract with Teka and for one season used the logo to promote its website. Then, in 2002 a deal was signed with Siemens Mobile and in 2006, the logo BenQ Siemens appeared on its shirt. Real Madrid’s current shirt sponsor is following the economic problems of BenQ Siemens.


Real Madrid’s Home Jersey 2008-2009

And I have to tell you that I just love the new kit of Real Madrid 2008-2009, the kit 2007-2008 sucked pretty much, I hated the blue lining on it. Real Madrid home kit should always be white, all white or all white with black strips and yeah it must have that collar on it too to make it look more glamorous.

Real Madrid's Away Jersey 2008-2009

Real Madrid’s Away Jersey 2008-2009

The Away Kit is pretty cool too, I love the color of it but again as I said that Real Madrid’s kit should have a collar no matter what and the Away kit does not have that. Otherwise the new kit looks great brings back some old memories.

And as I am a Real Madrid fan it is my duty to show all Real Madrid fans, Barcelona’s Home and Away kits as well which SUCK, I mean the color and the design is nowhere near as good as Real Madrid’s kit. Barcelona’s Home kit looks more like the jersey for The Joker in Batman rather than football players and observe the color of the 3rd kit, looks more like a beach outfit more than anything else and do not even talk about the Away kit, look at the color, it is shocking, reminds of the Red Alert 2 fire guy in the Soviet Union

Barcelona's Away Kit 2008-2009, looks like a beach outfit9001.jpg9002.jpg

Barcelona’s 3rd(Upper Left), Home(Upper Right) and Away(Lower mid) Kits 2008-2009

Real Madrid Kit: 2013/2014


Home kit sucks. Away kit rocks.

Home kit should always be white. Pure white with black strips. Nothing else. This time we have the red, yellow and what not. And yeah, as I mentioned before, there should always be a collar in the home kit.

Barcelona Kit 2013/2014


As always. Nice home kit but circus of a away kit. Don’t understand why Barcelona come up with funnier away kits with each passing season. The best away kit was the all black one which was I think last season.