They are not only the most successful club in the world but also the richest in the world according to the latest survey done by the money league which publish their research results  annually. Yes, its true that Real Madrid are the richest club by income for the season 2006-2007 probably for the season 2007-2008 too but the results are not completed yet.

So what makes Real Madrid not only the richest club in the world but more significantly,the most successful as well.  Well the statistics don’t lie and more often then not speak for themselves.  For any club to be successful ,only two titles  could and should be given credit, The league and the Champions League , the rest are mere formalities as you all know( it does not take much to beat Sao Paulo in a  cup final) so i am going to ignore the minor trophies here ,lets have a look at most of the major football clubs track records against the Madrid Galacticos.

Manchester United have won only 3 Champions league trophies , one was  way back when it was known as the European cup and the other in 1999, Manchester United also won the  2007-2008 Champions League trophy after they beat Chelsea in an all English final on penalties, they have 17 league titles.

  • Barcelona has 2 Champions League Titles and 18 league titles
  • Liverpool has 5 Champions League Titles and  18 league titles
  • Inter Milan has  2 champions league titles and 16 league titles
  • Ac milan has 7 Champions League Titles and  17  league titles
  • Juventus has 2 Champions League Titles and 27  league titles

There are some other major clubs as well but they have just started to grow so lets just ignore them for a moment.

Finally, Real Madrid has won 9 champions league titles and 31 league titles.  Now I have listed all the great clubs of Europe above, not even a  single club can match or can come close to the records set by the Spanish powerhouse, the rest is for you guys to decide.Thus proving what I stated earlier that real  Madrid is the undisputed champion of champions.

Real Madrid is the only team that holds the Cup in property, having won the title five consecutive times.

Further more, I think Real Madrid are known so much for their Champions League triumphs and participations because Real Madrid has played so many more finals and semi-finals then all the other teams.

Real Madrid finished off its UEFA champions League Finals in style, with wonderful football

Real Madrid finished off its UEFA champions League Finals in style, with wonderful football

I think the primary reason why Ac Milan are not so much popular albeit AC Milan has won 7 Champions League titles is because the way Ac Milan plays in European matches i.e defensive tactics, men behind the ball whereas Real Madrid in contrast to all other teams including Manchester United has played European games with attacking mind set and Real Madrid won the Champions League in dominating fashion, scoring goals and conceding goals keeps the excitement going, I personally think that a 5-3 win is more entertaining than a 5-0, one sided match.

Real Madrid always has the biggest stars on its roster

Real Madrid always has the biggest stars on its roster

Real Madrid dominated each season in which Real Madrid has won the Champions League, punishing every side that came in Real Madrid’s way. If you want some evidence then there is no better example than the thumping Real Madrid gave to Manchester United (3-1 at Bernabeau and loosing with two own goals 4-3 at Old Trafford)in 2002-2003 season. Check out this video to see it for yourself.

The only reason why Real Madrid, is known all over the world for its entertaining and free flowing football is that because it always had big name players on its squad and it’s managers managed to get a hold of them and made then play like a team rather than individuals.

There are clubs who wanted to make another Galacticos but could not, because i’s very hard to keep the egos down in the dressing room when too much star power comes in one single team, look what happened to Barcelona, they had the best player in the world for every position but did not manage to a single title in two years with that squad.

Ofcourse, having a genius like Zidane is always helpful during bad times

Ofcourse, having a genius like Zidane is always helpful during bad times

With that said, it is very unfortunate that Real Madrid has not been doing so well in the past four seasons in the Uefa Champions League. First because of some bad referee decisions at key moments went against Real Madrid. Also because Real Madrid was going through a transition period in which new blood was being injected into the team. Now the rebuilding is almost complete and next season is going to be Real’s.

Zidane celebrating Real Madrid's 9th Champions League title.

Zidane celebrating Real Madrid’s 9th Champions League title.


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