Bale can turn a non-league Champions-league-level game on its head with a single swing of his left foot. 

Rahim Sterling can ‘assist’ when he is playing at his best. 

The thing we are trying to bring focus to is the fact that Gareth Bale can win games on his own more times in a single season than Rahim Sterling can in ten. 

So it begs the question: Why Real Madrid is reportedly looking to get rid of Bale by offering him to Manchester City in exchange for Raheem Sterling?

Plus 70 million British pounds. 

Sterling is definitely going to be a good buy for Real Madrid.

Well, the problem with Bale is that he gets injured a lot. 

Moreover, he doesn’t have the consistency of someone like Ronaldo (not taking into account his last game for Juventus) or Messi. But why compare Bale with Ronaldo and Messi all of a sudden? 

It turns out, the reason why Real Madrid signed Gareth Bale in the first place was to have an insurance policy against Ronaldo leaving the club. 

Truth be told, when Ronaldo left the club a couple of years ago, most Real Madrid fans were looking towards Bale to fill the role of Real Madrid talisman. 

We hope we don’t have to cite too many resources to convince you that Gareth Bale failed to fulfill the responsibilities Real Madrid wanted him to fulfill after the departure of Ronaldo. 

And since Gareth Bale is costing Real Madrid a bit too much money per week to be at the club, the mandarins at Real Madrid feel that now is a good time to rethink their position on Gareth Bale being the torchbearer of Real Madrid particularly in big tournaments. 

With that said, here is why we feel that even though Gareth Bale has more potential, weapons, and talent than Rahim Sterling, Real Madrid should still get rid of him. 

Bale has been given too long

Based on recent performances, it looks like Sterling is a more consistent player than Gareth Bale.

Season after season, Real Madrid has looked towards Bale to finally take his game to the level where he isn’t just a support player. 

His inconsistent performances in addition to the fact that he finds it difficult to remain fit for a single full season means that now representatives from the club are looking at Sterling’s performances in the English league. News reports say that Real Madrid will draw up a proposal for the purchase of Raheem Sterling and then present it to Manchester City. 

Sky Sports recently published a report which said that representatives of Rahim Sterling had actually met with Jose Angel Sanchez, the general director at Real Madrid in the summer. 

Needless to say, the two parties could not come to an agreement. 

However, since Bale did not show any signs of improvement and rather disappointed the Madrid faithful with this lackluster of an attitude, Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s president, made sure to keep tabs on Rahim Sterling and monitor his performances. 

Based on what Sterling has shown the football world this season, it is easy to see that his valuation will go beyond $180 million come next season. 

In other words, if Real Madrid wants to sign him, they should sign up at the end of the season. 

The only problem is that Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola does not want to sign Bale. 

Maybe it is because he knows Bale is not consistent enough to play in a world-class team. 

Even if he is, maybe Guardiola thinks that Bale is on the wrong side of 30 now to give up Sterling for.

Add to that the fact that since there is a very low chance of Bale ever performing to the levels that he showed at Tottenham, and it becomes easy to see why Real Madrid want to get rid of him.

Raheem Sterling is a hard worker

Sterling’s game is built on talent plus hard work rather than overwhelmingly talent like Bale’s.

If there is one thing Bale is not, then that’s a hard worker. That isn’t to say he was never one. Back in his Tottenham days, Bale used to run a lot. He sometimes helped the defense out as well. 

Sadly, stardom probably got to him and he felt that he needed to act like Ronaldo to become one. 

Sterling, on the other hand, has shown that he can run on the pitch week in and week out. 

Moreover, he also has good ability on the ball. And that’s the way football works, doesn’t it? 

You either have the talent of Ronaldo or Messi to only attack and never be expected to defend for your team or you are only as good as Bale, Zlatan or in this case Sterling and back up your offensive work with a bit of defensive work while you are in the opponent’s half. 

Since Bale has already made up his mind about not contributing anything defensively, it makes the proposition of Rahim Sterling coming to Real Madrid even more exciting. 

Perez knows that. 

And that’s why it is even a possibility that in the case here Bale does not want to leave for Manchester City in an exchange deal, he may pay Manchester City over $200 million to capture Sterling. 

The other point that we should note here is that since Bale also wants to leave Real Madrid, and Real Madrid wants to get rid of him, perhaps offering Bale plus a ton of money could prove enough for Manchester City to finally come to a deal. 

No one needs more evidence of Real Madrid’s interest in Raheem Sterling. Apart from Bale, the only other sticking point would be Manchester City’s unwillingness to let Sterling go. 

Bale is losing his speed

Just like the young Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale’s game is built on speed. Without speed, Bale could not even play in a top tier European League let alone at a club like Real Madrid. 

As great a gift as speed is, it wears out the fastest when it comes to athletes. 

The problem here is that unlike Ronaldo, Bale refuses to adapt his game to his aging body. 

This is also something that must be playing in the mind of Perez who still has not managed to rejuvenate Real Madrid from the colossal loss of Ronaldo almost two years ago. 

Sterling can bring that speed back to Real Madrid. 

It should be noted though that Perez did try to get Sterling when he was just 19 back in 2014. 

We can’t say if Perez is regretting his decision now but what we can say for sure is that Bale refuses to change and evolve his game. 

He still has to rely too much on speed and agility. If Bale had any brains he would have looked at the likes of Messi and Ronaldo how both of them brought new weapons to their game and adjusted their play style to account for their decreased speed and agility. 

As mentioned before, even if Bale never lost an inch of speed, he would still not be able to get a regular place in any top side for the simple reason that he finds it hard to stay match fit for half a season. 

Sterling still has 3 years left on his contract and earns close to $300,000 per week at Manchester City. He will not want to part ways with such a package at a club like Manchester City. 

With that said, Real Madrid has made a bit of a reputation of paying over the odds for players that the club wants. 

And right now, Real Madrid wants Sterling. 

Bale can either adapt his game and get better or leave for China and make a killing in terms of money.