Messi is one of the greatest players of all time. There is no doubt about. What there is doubt about is whether or not he is the greatest player of all time. Of course, we’re not going to discuss that in this piece. 

We’re going to discuss whether or not Messi is a Galactico. 

But what makes a player a Galactico? 

Who is a Galactico?
The first thing that you need to be a Galactico is aggression. 

In addition to that, the player in question must have attack-mindedness no matter what his position is. Messi has that. 

Here are some of the reasons why we believe Messi is indeed a Galactico (and would rather do well if he decides to move to Real Madrid even at this stage of his career).

Messi is at another level to everyone else even when he is not playing his best

He may not win all the time. But he definitely tries to have a positive approach towards any given match.

That’s the rare thing about being a Galactico, isn’t it? Messi is perhaps the greatest Galactico of all time along with C.Ronaldo, Eusebio, Di Stefano, and Zidane. 

By that, we mean that even when he is not in top gear he is able to do things on a football field that no one else can do. And that includes Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo tries to match Messi in a different way. He is a different player to Messi. Ronaldo used to dribble a lot and score goals that no one else could. But now he is a learned man, of sorts. 

He tries to expend the minimum possible effort for the maximum possible return. That’s good for him. 

For Messi though, he is just not content with scoring goals and creating goals. 

He wants to score brilliant goals and create brilliant goals. This is what sets him apart from every single player of his generation. 

Messi always wants to attack

People pay money to watch Barcelona because they want to see their team attack. No one has time for good defensive work when Messi is on the pitch.

No matter the ground or the game, Messi’s initial instinct is to attack. He doesn’t waste his mental energy and physical strength trying to hold up the ball or looking at the state of play or even the scoreline. 

If Barcelona is 2-0 up in a match, Messi will look to score. If Barcelona is 5-0, Messi will still look to score. That also holds true if there are a few minutes left in the game. 

Messi always wants to score and create goals. That quality is something that only a Galactico player has. 

Messi does try to entertain the crowd

In the end this beautiful game about football is about money. And that can only come if people are entertained.

This is where we feel Messi is as good as he was when he first started playing football. In this aspect, Ronaldo has degraded considerably. 

To put it in simpler terms, Ronaldo only cares about scoring goals, winning the match and some trophies. 

We can’t fault him for that since he is a professional and the only reason Ronaldo gets paid is to score goals and win matches. 

However, that is not how Messi approaches the game (probably because he doesn’t have to work hard fulfilling his role as a goal-scoring and creating machine). 

Messi, once he realizes the game is done and dusted with, tries to entertain the crowd by dribbling with the ball. Against sides like Manchester City in the Champions League, Messi has been seen nutmegging opponents for no apparent reason other than entertainment. 

The same can be said when Barcelona is leading Real Madrid by three or more goals. 

This is also a quality that only a Galactico can have. 

Zidane had it. So did Roberto Carlos and the old Ronaldo. 


Messi is a Galactico. 

Of course, that in no way means he is the greatest player of all time or even a better player than previous legends of the game or even better than his contemporary rival Cristiano Ronaldo.