We have come to a point where the media (along with politics and business) have developed this common misperception that to become and stay successful one has to have the ingredient of acting like a jerk.

Of course, there is not a single piece of data to support this assertion.

That isn’t to say that successful people aren’t jerks.

But what people need to understand is that some people (like football players) succeed despite the fact that they are jerks.

They don’t succeed BECAUSE they are jerks.

In fact, for each and every person who happens to have a reputation of an intimidator, a deal breaker or a bully, or generally someone who tries to make a point of fighting for every scrape, there are many examples who manage to succeed by doing nothing more than weaving together various disparate communities.

Such people keep their word.


And they create value quietly.

Needless to say, both roads tend to work.

Since we have so many jerks at the top of the food chain, one doesn’t need more evidence to confirm the fact that jerks do succeed.

But one also can’t ignore the predominance of people who are good.


The one particular problem with taking the jerk path is not that the jerk path doesn’t give you quicker results, it is precisely that one has to spend all of his/her time being a jerk.

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