Gary lineker is, perhaps, one of the biggest hypocrite of all time when he criticizes Pepe of Real Madrid for simulation. And there are lots of reason for that. Let’s start with a few obvious ones shall we.

Gary played for Barcelona for three seasons from 1986 to 1989(in which he scored a ton of goals to be perfectly fair to him) and thus, consequently,has done his absolute best to defend his former club ever since his playing days ended in oblivion (his career really did end in oblivion as after Barcelona he played for the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Nagoya Grampus Eight of the J.League).

Still worth over thirty million pounds, God knows how much he is getting paid for the utter nonsense that he vomits every time he moderates a football show.

How come has he never questioned the likes of busquets, Iniesta, Messi,alves,suarez,neymar for their horrifically bad attempts to get other players sent off during a football game.

How come he has never dedicated a two minute special just to discuss the ugliness Barcelona bring to the game at times like he did with real Madrid’s Pepe in this case.

And how in the hell has he never asked his panel, at the very end of the show so that it sticks into viewers heads, about whether Barcelona (after what they had done to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 2009 in cohorts with UEFA, as some claim) or Chelsea indeed deserved to win their champions league trophies?

Hats off to Ferdinand of Manchester united for clarifying that he considered benzema as the better striker when compared to Barcelona’s Suarez after lineker blatantly asked ‘how much ahead is Suarez of benzema’?

This clearly shows that lineker as an analyst is biased heavily in favor of Barcelona as the best club in the whole world and Messi as the best in all of universe if we consider the fact that there might be life some place else and that life also played football and then talked about who played the best among their species.


Gary Lineker’s Comments were definitely out of line but that’s not the whole story.

Let’s forget lineker for a moment. Let’s talk about how no one has mentioned all those other cheats that reside in their mansions and who also happen to play football.

Oh Yes. Cheats like:
Dani Alves:

Sergio Busquets:





Jordi Alba:

And for sure, if you look it up some more you would be able to find every player, on every team, in every league, on planet earth.

So why only implicate Pepe in these unsportsmanlike incidents?
Is it because he has just won his 2nd Champions League and played a pivotal role at the back this time around?

Is it because it is always Pepe who stamps down his authority on the pitch as far as physicality is concerned. Make no mistake, after Sergio Ramos, Pepe is the symbol of Real Madrid at the back.

Pepe personifies what Real Madrid is i.e mean at the front and meaner at the back.

Without Pepe, Real Madrid could very well be just like Barcelona i.e smart kids with shinny shoes who cry when they get hurt.

Why can’t we just all settle down and appreciate the fact that Pepe probably gave his most memorable performance in a Real Madrid shirt. And if are going to talk about things not related to football then how about we talk about Messi’s appearance in court a couple of days ago for tax fraud?

Not a pretty picture or is it now?

Long time ago when Ronaldo was accused of being a diver week in week out in the English Premier League, Alex Ferguson (then Manchester United coach who brought Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United after Ronaldo had decimated his Manchester United side while playing for Sporting Lisbon as a winger in a friendly match) spoke about how Ronaldo must go down if he feels the slightest of touches. Why you may ask?

As Ferguson (who also won the Champions League with Ronaldo in 2008) put it, if Ronaldo doesn’t go down, he is going to get chopped down bad the next time.

Defenders like to act like tough men when on the field and if they see a forward or any player for that matter trying to act like a tough guy in return, they go at him harder the next time around.

Players could and probably should go down if they feel that the defender had malicious intent behind the tackle, whether they feel the full brunt of that tackle or not.

Same should be, and is, the case when the roles are reversed and attackers try to act hard against other defenders.

Just watch Carrasco’s hand as he hits the ground along with Pepe. What the heck is he doing? I don’t know but it seems pretty clear to me that he just tried to slap Pepe. Missed and then came up with one of his own “substitute me now or I’ll never walk again” sign to sort of hide his embarrassment by missing a slap from 2cm out.

Pepe had the right to play act a bit to try and get him sent off. It’s not the best option out there but Pepe is well within his rights to demand justice for what could have been a slap to the face.

Same is the case when Pepe went down at a similar position earlier in the game against Filipe Luis.

Pepe is a great defender and not just that, he has given the kind of performances to merit that distinction. And let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that Pepe is the first player ever to do something inappropriate on the field.

As discussed before, a lot of Barcelona players have done worse and let’s not forget the greatest of all times Maradona’s contributions to the dark art of football.

Nobody should defend what Pepe did. But sometimes you have to give some weight to the context of any situation.

Atletico Madrid players tried, in vain in the end, to hit Pepe when the referee wasn’t looking. They missed both times and if you put yourself in Pepe’s shoes, it wouldn’t be such a far fetched idea to play act a little bit to let the referee know that the opponent is looking to make some mischief.


Conclusion of this made up Real Madrid and Pepe Saga.

Real Madrid (and Pepe) is now an eleven time European Champion. Let’s just all enjoy for that a bit before the Euros (June 12 everyone) kick off and we dive into another season of high class football.

And just to have the last laugh. Here is Gary Lineker in his own words:


P.S Don’t forget to switch in to Euro 2016 as it will probably be the last Euro where we’ll witness a peak Ronaldo ready to seek, close in and annihilate the enemy. Euro 2016 starts June 12.

Thank you for reading and have a terrific weekend.