Some folks just like to jump on the bandwagon and start rooting for any player that tops some made up top scoring charts. Right now, many people admire Messi for what he does at Barcelona, a lot admire Ronaldo for how he has transformed himself since his Sporting Lisbon days, but a sad few of us are using their twitter (or facebook if that’s your thing) accounts to brag about how Suarez beat Ronaldo and Messi for goals and assists.

Always remember the maxim that “there are lies, then there are dirty lies and then there are statistics”. You’ll be hard pressed to find an example that perfectly falls into it than Suarez’s.

Yes he has scored just one shy of a mammoth 60 goals this season and yes he has had about 20 odd assists along with those goals but should that really make him the best player in the world and a candidate for Ballon D’or first prize?

Let’s ponder over reasons why Suarez, despite his on field successes (off the field he may win the greatest dad in the world award, if that’s his thing) is still a beast in the worst sense of the word when on the field and why his tally of 59 goals this season, though impressive, falls well short of being truly great.


14 of his 40 La Liga goals are absolute rubbish goals.

Suarez. A massively talented talented cheat.

Suarez. A massively talented talented cheat.

In order to understand that statement, let’s first define what are rubbish goals. Rubbish goals are goals where a striker has the ball in front of him (usually inside the 12 yard line) and the keeper has been taken out of the game either because of a square pass or unconsciousness (maybe).

The striker may or may not be under pressure from surroundings. That pressure counts for nothing when you know the guy who is supposed to defend the goal is someplace else.

No prize for guessing that penalties also count towards rubbish goals.
And trust me, Suarez has had plenty of those this season.

That obviously doesn’t mean that Messi and Ronaldo didn’t have their fair share of those this season (or all of the six previous seasons) but it does show that Suarez’s 40 La Liga goals aren’t what they are being made up to be.

Just to be safe, this is a rubbish goal.

Youtube sucks so you’re going to have to click here.

This isn’t, even though all Suarez had to do here was to beat the goalkeeper.

Again click here
Barcelona, just like they did with Messi in the famous ‘73’ year, intentionally set up Suarez on for countless one vs ones with the goalkeeper, penalties and open goals.

And that doesn’t just look bad for Suarez, it is detrimental to the spirit of football. Football, after all, is a team sports and no amount of Ronaldo’s, Messi’s and now increasingly Suarez, can change that.
Just have a look at this goal and try to think of a reason why would a striker of Neymar’s class pass this ball to Suarez instead of scoring himself?

Deep down, I doubt if Suarez believes he has just become the most proficient striker in the world. Not that he is not talented enough. He is but so are many more. The problem is the way he has racked up those numbers.

Compare Suarez’s goal with someone like Higuain this season. Higuain has set an Italian record by scoring 38 goals this season. And with all due respect to his teammates, Higuain didn’t exactly have Messi, Iniesta and Neymar setting him up for easy pickings all season long.
Napoli is a 2nd tier team and has never been favorite to enter the Champions League let alone win it or even reach a semi-final.  

To anyone who understand the game of football, Higuain’s 38 goals are far more remarkable than Suarez’s 59 goals this season. And let’s not even get into the fact that Serie A is league that is known as a strikers graveyard.

Defenders dive in there to kill you. Conversely, La Liga is probably the softest of the three major leagues in Europe.

Even with all the help from teammates and crazy easy goals, Suarez ended up just 5 ahead of Ronaldo.

Suarez could have done it himself but didn't. Barcelona made sure he did.

Suarez could have done it himself but didn’t. Barcelona made sure he did.

There would be those who would point towards Ronaldo of demanding to take every free kick, every penalty and every corner kick too if it was possible to score from them (and if wasn’t so darn lethal in the air) but one must not forget the fact that at Real Madrid, Ronaldo is the most competent of the lot in performing these roles.
Bale, Kroos and Benzema aren’t nearly as consistent when it comes to scoring goals from free kicks and penalties (especially penalties).

But even then, Real Madrid players didn’t exactly go unnecessarily out of the way to Ronaldo in order to help him score more.
The teammate who is in the best possible position should always get the ball in order to score a goal. Ronaldo, almost 100 percent of the time, is that teammate. Most people don’t give him enough credit for that but videos of his goals speak for themselves.

Ronaldo is always at the right place and at the right time. The same can’t be said for Suarez.

What can be said about Suarez is the fact that Messi and Neymar would waive their right to score a simple one vs one goal in La Liga if that meant Suarez moving further up the rankings away from Ronaldo.

And did someone mention that Ronaldo missed two vital games at the end of the season which could have swung the momentum his way despite unnatural behavior of players at Barcelona in making sure Suarez finished top of La Liga scoring charts?

Ronaldo did finish with a game more to his name this term in La Liga than Suarez so may be that argument should be saved for a later date.

Surprise surprise, a bigger paycheck and lots of goals still couldn’t deter Suarez from doing what he has been accused of many times in the past, a gangster on the field.

Suarez just can't help himself when it comes to biting. He has controlled rather well in the past season but there were definitely hints that he was about to lose it.

Suarez just can’t help himself when it comes to biting. He has controlled rather well in the past season but there were definitely hints that he was about to lose it.

Forget Chiellini, we all know what happened at the World Cup and since Suarez paid heavily for that crime, he has done his due.What we want to talk about here is this:

Ivanovic got lucky he didn’t lose ten odd pounds in a jiffy there. There is a good reason why his Liverpool legend Carragher referred to Suarez as a rotten apple in one of his interviews.

Liverpool did fine him some undisclosed amount of money and he was suspended for three matches (later ten matches) but for a player who has been charged with a similar incident before, that punishment was just not enough.

Suarez’s previous victim Otman Bakkal also spoke up and reminded everyone that Suarez is a special case since he has been involved in biting incidents before and should be punished more.

If we’re talking Barcelona then here too, the situation hasn’t improved that much. Suarez manhandled a defender in one of his goals:

Manhandled goal

and this push on Neymar doesn’t seem that friendly either:

Neymar’s push

Couldn’t resist calling ronaldo “one of the best players in the world” rather than the best player in the world. But that’s okay.

Is Suarez really the man fans want to represent football all over the world?

Is Suarez really the man fans want to represent football all over the world?

Even in victory Suarez seems to not known how to be graceful.
Not saying that he should have called Ronaldo the best player in the world or may be  ‘amongst the top two” in the world but Suarez could have easily avoided calling Ronaldo “one of the best player the world” which we all know annoys Ronaldo. A lot.

Ronaldo not taking Jonathan Ross’s joke lightly


No amount of goals (or assists or both) can make up for unsportsmanlike conduct in football. Suarez will have another title to his name but his legacy as a football player who remain tarnished because of his conduct with other professionals on the field.

Barcelona doesn’t care about that aspect of his game  it seems but that doesn’t mean that others should too.