Sergio Busquets (some call him biscuits but whatever) of Barcelona recently took a jibe at Real Madrid by asserting that Atletico Madrid is now a bigger threat to their La Liga title than Real Madrid.

Well. Doesn’t matter, after all, it would still be a team from Madrid beating a team from Barcelona to the title so even if it is Atletico Madrid, Madrid would still get the one up over Barcelona.

Busquets vitriol against Real Madrid is also the reason why Raul is such a great ambassador of the game. Recently he commented on he preferred Barcelona to win the Champions League because Barcelona was a Spanish club and that, the rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona actually favors both teams as both get stronger by preparing hard for each other in each and every game.

No matter. Here is why Sergio Busquets is a bit of a jerk to say the least:

Inter Milan's Brazilian midfielder Thiago Motta (R) vies with Barcelona's midfielder Sergio Busquets (L) during the UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg football match Barcelona vs Inter Milan on April 28, 2010 at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. AFP PHOTO/LLUIS GENE (Photo credit should read LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images)

Oo Busquets!!, what are they feeding you mate.


  1. What has he ever won for Barcelona? No seriously, has he been anywhere near to a player who played a significant role in Barcelona winning so many titles? It was all the work of players like Xavi, Iniesta, Eto’o, Ronaldinho, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Villa and the list goes on and on. The list does though end just before the name Sergio Busquets.
    And while taking even part of the credit of that success might help biscuits sleep at night, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a pretty average player who didn’t deserve to live in the era of this Barcelona side.
    Lucky for him he can put down three Champions League crowns to his list of trophies but apart from winning the breakout kid for 2009 in La Liga what has he ever done in football?
    Such a silly man biscuits is proving to be, not only on the field but off the field as well running his mouth like that.

    Barcelona's Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez heads the ball next to Real Madrid's Welsh forward Gareth Bale (R top) and teammate Barcelona's midfielder Sergio Busquets (R bottom) during the Spanish league "Clasico" football match Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on November 21, 2014. AFP PHOTO/ JAVIER SORIANO        (Photo credit should read JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Busquets has won Champions League but there has never been a champions as rotten and unethical as him.

  2. He is basically a diver. Yes, this time social media comments have spoken the truth. Busquets doesn’t dive 100 percent of the time but let’s say more than any other player whose name isn’t Neymar.
    Has there ever been a player who makes a meal of a dive more completely than Busquets? Even more shameful is the fact that he isn’t even a forward or a winger (who do get fouled on a regular basis and hence have to go down easily sometimes in order to save their legs for the long haul) and still goes down as he was hit on his face with a jackhammer.
    Who can forget his magnificent performances against the like os Inter Milan, Villarreal, Real Madrid and the rest.
    Isn’t it shameful that a DM, who is supposed to be the steel in the midfield for any side, acts like such cry baby.
  3. Biscuits is not only a diver, he is also a cheater.
    Amongst a host of qualities, Busquets is most at home with the one where he tries to influence the referee to send a player off the field.
    He achieves his goal mainly in two ways. Sometimes after a foul, any foul, Busquets starts waving his arms and legs in front of the referee like a lunatic till the referee, seeing that an adult is rolling like an idiot, sympathises and cautions an opponent.
    Other times, Busquets just makes the other player spit on his face or slap the back of his head which ultimately, after some classic Busquets theatrics, gets the player sent off.
    Does he really deserve to be considered a “professional football player”?
    The only thing professional about Busquets is his uncanny ability to take a dive and fall to the floor like a ragged doll. Add a little rolling, crying, covering the face with both hands and gesturing for medical help while seemingly in excruciating pain and you get a player who may not be unstoppable with the ball but is definitely unstoppable without the ball and on the floor.
    In short, Biscuits is a dirty dirty player. Every game, every season, Barcelona deploys him in the midfield to add some dirt to their otherwise flawless football (when they are playing, otherwise most other Barcelona stalwarts would comfortably give Busquets a good run for his money when it comes to taking a dive and forcing the referee to send a player off).
    There is a word called honor. Busquets has none of that. There are many other words related to honor such as class, integrity, fair play but Busquets doesn’t have any of those as well.
    Is there a player that can even rival the cheat that Busquets is? I don’t think so. Some might point towards the outburst Pepe has been involved in over the years but most, if not all, of those were born out of immense amount of competitiveness, that should not have gotten out of hand i’ll give you that, but Pepe still didn’t come close to what Busquets does almost every other match for Barcelona.
    Also, in the case of Pepe there were a total of probably one or two instances and those involved some lowly La Liga players taking dives anytime Pepe touched them near the penalty area of Real Madrid.
    Let’s not pretend that Pepe’s misdemeanor was anywhere near as disgusting as Busquets was and that too, in Busquets case, on a regular basis.

    Barcelona's Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo (L) and Barcelona's midfielder Sergio Busquets (C) vie with Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo  during the Spanish league "Clasico" football match Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on November 21, 2014.   AFP PHOTO / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU        (Photo credit should read PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images)

    Busquets against Ronaldo. Is that defending? Or Kung Fu.

  4. He called Marcelo a monkey which is borderline racism.
    All rivalries aside, there is simply no place for racism either in sports or in politics or anywhere else in any other field.
    Busquets cannot be forgiven for that unless and until he is punished for it. For posterities sake, the relative authorities should make an example out of Busquets so that an example is set for the rest who dare engage in such a despicable act.
    But I guess, by now, you can’t really malign Busquets. The amount of untoward incidents he has been involved him, there is really nothing beneath this fellow. No action is too low for biscuits.
    The way he got Thiago Motta sent off in the Champions League was a testament to the heights Busquets can drop to in order to gain the tiniest amount  of advantage over his opposition.
    And let’s not also forget the role he played in getting our very own Pepe sent off in the semi-finals of the Champions League for a non-existent (okay, on first sight it did look like a horrendous challenge) challenge on his brother in arms Daniel Alves, another notorious poser.
    But leaving that aside, Busquets racist comments about fellow professionals should alone be enough for authorities to punish him.

    Barcelona's midfielder Sergio Busquets (L) vies with Roma's Malian midfielder Seydou Keita (R) during the UEFA Champions League Group E football match FC Barcelona vs AS Roma at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on November 24, 2015.   AFP PHOTO/ LLUIS GENE / AFP / LLUIS GENE        (Photo credit should read LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Just do it? More like just pass it for Busquets

  5. Another reason why Busquets sucks is that he can do nothing useful on the pitch but pass.
    And not just any old pass. No sir. The majority of Busquets passes a super short horizontal passes that are made only to let the ball travel to a more contributing member of the team.
    Of course, there are players like Ozil,Xavi, Iniesta,Kroos who play the roles of passmasters in their respective teams.
    Their job is to get the ball to the player who has occupied the most advantageous position on the pitch. But that’s just the start.
    They have to get the ball quickly and sharply to the intended target player. The likes of Xabi Alonso, Xavi and Kross possess the whole gamut when it comes to long passes, short passes, lobbed passes, through balls, diagonal balls, chipped ball, inswinger and a few more.
    Busquets on the other hand can play none of these passes.
    Some Barcelona fans accuse Barcelona administration of favouring a player with such mediocrity about him as Busquets. But I find that hard to believe. I don’t think his father or grandfather, regardless of their contributions to the club in the past, have anything to do with him being a regular Barcelona for such a long time now.
    I think there is something else Barcelona has identified in Busquets which they have not spotted in any other player of his quality. We’ll get to that point later in the post.  
  6. Busquets virtually has zero speed or let’s be nice now and say that he has limited speed at his disposal.
    Now, defensive midfielders are not necessarily required to have great speed because of their role on the pitch. Their role is to stop attacks coming through the middle and suffocate space for opponents attackers in the middle of the pitch.
    But there are always players like Verratti, Vieira, Lassana Diarra and Pogba who have good speed about them and they can defend as well.
    Busquets, as you might have guessed by now, is not one of those players.
    And one could give him some leeway if he has any better at his defensive duties but that isn’t the case either.
    Biscuits, is by no means, a world class tackler of the ball. You might be wondering now as to why the hell has Barcelona stuck with a player as poor as Busquets for so long?
    Again, patience my fellow Madridistas as we’ll surely get to that later in the post (jump to conclusion section if you are in a hurry though).
    With no speed, no tackling ability, Busquets resorts to a combination of dirty pushes from behind and a string of mistimed tackles throughout any ninety minutes he is on the pitch.
    And I have to admit here, at that, Busquets is amongst the elite class of players.
    He knows exactly when to foul an advancing winger or midfielder in order to scuttle the attack before the situation gets out of hand.
    He also has this rare ability to competently all his dirty plays from the eyes of the referee.
    He doesn’t always get away with it but no other player can even come close to the amount of dirty fortune Busquets has had in his relatively short career.
  7. Busquets is one of those foolish hideous type of players who go to extreme lengths in order to win a game of football as if the whole world is watching. Mate, the whole world isn’t watching despite what ESPN or GOAL may have you believe.
    People have got other problems of their own like Syria, clean drinking water, jobs, electricity, protection of life and health. Relax now.
    What is the point of playing the game if one isn’t going to respect the rules by which everyone is supposed to play?
    Is it nice for a football player to do anything and everything to win a football match? Fair or foul? If yes then let’s put the whole thing aside and continue the tradition outside the stadium as well (I am thinking, Pepe and Ramos paying a visit to Busquets parking space after Clasico?). But that is not the point, the point is that one should remain appropriate as after all, after all Clasico fights, after all Messi/Ronaldo hat tricks and Champions League crowns, these are still people who spend their entire lives kicking a ball inside a square field with 21 other grown up men and are paid handsomely for it.
  8. Busquets likes to act as a tough guy.
    There is something called physical stature and Busquets, even at a good six foot two inches, has none of that. He is thin and lanky.
    We have already discussed how he can’t run, he can’t tackle well and has little persona on the pitch but despite all that, Busquets is always looking to be the ‘in-your-face’  guy on the pitch.
    And that isn’t nice or is it?
    If you’re someone like Roy Keane, Yaya Toure or Japp Stam, I might be intimidated by you, even scared but that is because these people have got what it takes to strike fear into the hearts of men.
    Busquets is just a sad faced clown who likes to pretend that he belongs to the big leagues but actually it’s only because of the generosity Barcelona has bestowed him with that he can even step onto the field with players like Messi, Neymar and Suarez.
  9. Busquets doesn’t even score goals.
    Okay, maybe we are being too harsh on him but again, he could at least score some goals.
    Roberto Carlos has way more goals that Busquets even though he was a left back. But he was a freak so let’s count him out. But what about players like Alonso or Pogba who aren’t considered great goal scorers by any stretch of imagination?
    Let’s just hope Busquets can get past Makelele’s record of 25 goals in his career. For those interested in further Biscuits humiliation, he has 13 goals in 391 games since he has been at Barcelona.
    So, Busquets can’t score goals, he doesn’t have a great through ball, isn’t a free kick specialist like Kroos who plays in a similar position or even Casemiro then isn’t that enough for him to not act like a jerk all the time?
    I guess for him, it is probably not enough.

    FC Barcelona's Spanish midfielder Sergio Busquets (L) vies with Deportivo de La Coruna's Portuguese midfielder Luisinho during the Spanish league football match FC Barcelona vs Deportivo de La Coruna at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on December 12, 2015. AFP PHOTO/ PAU BARRENA / AFP / PAU BARRENA        (Photo credit should read PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images)

    That’s about Busquets best effort as far as headers go. No jump, no neck whip. Just ‘head’ the ball.

  10. Busquets also sucks because at 6 foot 2 inches he is ought to be a better header of the ball both while attacking and defending.
    And as his track record shows, he is not. He can’t head the ball with that height. He can’t win air balls because of his frame he doesn’t get much jump from the ground through his legs.
    He isn’t a particularly solid header of the ball defensively.
    He is just a really really low quality player. Don’t get me wrong, Busquets would be a fantastic buy for a club like Stoke City, Newcastle or even Barcelona B. But he just isn’t cut out for elite level football.
    He should thank his stars that he has the brilliance of Xavi, Iniesta, now Rakitic and who can forget Messi, to cover up for him.  
    Once these people are gone, it wouldn’t be so easy for Busquets to go into hiding after every bad performance.


Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets (L) and River Plate forward Lucas Alario (R) compete for the ball during the Club World Cup football final in Yokohama on December 20, 2015. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA        (Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)

Busquets, the baddest man on planet Camp Nou.

There is only one reason why Barcelona has stuck with a player of this low morals for so long.

Busquets is just a, and probably the only, guy who is happy to just walk and pass without ever wanting to become something more as his career progresses.

Managers like the kind of players who don’t create a fuss and go about their duties in an orderly manner.
Busquets doesn’t complain when he doesn’t play, he doesn’t try to go for more when on the pitch  and hence sticks to the manager’s plan perfectly as he doesn’t know any better.
And in all fairness, it is quite hard to find these kind of players today. There are very few, if any,  soccer players who are happy to just have their names on the teamsheet.
Yes, youngsters or players looking to make a name for themselves would tolerate that but improving and wanting more power (in this case playing a more critical role in the team) is an innate part of human nature and soccer players are no different in this regard.
Bousquet’s nature however, by his actions, doesn’t look much human at all and maybe that is the reason why he gets by rather easily, being maligned in the media for being called a cheat, as that is what he is, for the benefit of the team.