Nope. We are not talking about Real Madrid needing to stop scoring goals for fun against the likes of Getafe and Malmo (both home games though) or getting kicked out of Copa Del Rey final in grand fashion or even suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of its malevolent eternal nemesis Barcelona.
These are, at least for now, one-off incidents (or accidents if you happen to be a Real Madrid fan) and should not be given much consideration once we get past the week they take place in.

What Real Madrid needs to stop doing immediately is the tiny little mistakes the club has been committing since introducing the Galacticos policy back in somewhere around 1999-2001.

And though the mistakes themselves might be insignificant at first, like usury, they add up to something catastrophic over time.

Here are the top three activities Real Madrid need to bring a halt to if it wants to go back being the best club in the world for more than half a season.

Stop Buying New (And in Most Cases Expensive) Players Every Season.


SD Eibar v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

Let’s first suck his blood dry before moving on to the ‘Gareth Bale’

Let’s explain a little to make sure everyone understands this one mistake that has cost us Real Madrid probably in the range of two UEFA Champions League titles.
Real Madrid is an aristocratic club and that entails that the club needs to buy elite players who can play a high level of football on the field and provide a form of spectacle that is peerless in world football.
The problem is, bringing in too many star too quickly shakes up the team’s core a bit too frequently.

That hits team chemistry badly and as a consequence you see Real Madrid players wanting to get off the field when the team is losing rather than putting up a fight against a strong opponent like Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

By all means, Real Madrid should buy big expensive players. But not before the previous batch of megastars have paid their dues.


He needs to be made to pay his due before Real Madrid buys the next ‘your favorite player name here’

Selling Di Maria and bringing in James Rodriguez was a terribly amateurish move from Ancelotti. Or was it Perez? Doesn’t matter.

This behavior needs to stop. New players should only arrive once there is a need for it. Otherwise there is constant process of squad renewal every season which destabilizes the club and the already established star players.  

No Manager Replacement Every Third Season.

If buying new players with heavy price tags every season is a reprehensible move then axing managers after every three seasons is an even bigger blunder.

Ancelotti didn’t deliver in his second season at Real Madrid. But bringing in a manager as unproven as Benitez was something outrageous.


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho talks to the media during a press conference at Chelsea Training Ground on December 11, 2015 in Cobham, England.

Bring someone special and then stick with him.

The trouble with changing managers every second or third season is fairly simple. It constitutes of the following parts:

  • a new manager brings in a new philosophy and wants to remove all efforts of his predecessor so that the new manager’s potential successes with the new club isn’t attributed, in anyway, to the exiting manager’s work.
  • a new manager in his quest to stamp his authority on the football side of things sells important players (not necessarily star players) for pennies and buys new ones overpriced just to show the administration of how he is changing things for the better.
  • new manager may make promises of building a dynasty at the new club and hence justify the massive changes because of his arrival but all goes to the gutter once the third season passes and one of the two things happen.
    Either he gets fired or leaves for a higher paying manager role. All those vows of bringing a sense of continuity and long term planning at the club comes to an end result of a big fat naught.

The point is, Benitez’s arrival at Real Madrid was a terrible incident. Some rumours even talk about how Perez had a list of managers and Benitez was the last name on that list and it was only because none of the other candidates accepted the offer to manage Real Madrid did Perez finally go for Benitez.

Benitez just doesn’t fit the profile of a manager who should be in charge at Real Madrid. He is inflexible and hasn’t shown any expertise that could make Real Madrid effective against strong teams. Ever.

If there is one thing Real Madrid has always been good at then it’s punishing lower tier teams with authority and in most cases without a hint of empathy. Under Benitez, Real Madrid still is the same team it has been since the club’s inception.

Ancelotti’s problem wasn’t that Real Madrid couldn’t finish off teams with a lower budget. The problem under his reign was that Real Madrid wasn’t able to earn points vs elite teams like Barcelona and the rest.

Benitez hasn’t improved Real Madrid in that regard one bit.

The only result Real Madrid got from firing Ancelotti and bringing in Benitez was another wish list of new recruitments and some hefty severance packages.

This Might Sound Racist But Real Madrid Needs to Sign Black Players.

BARCELONA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 23: Claude Makalele of Chelsea and Xavi of Barcelona battle for possesion during the UEFA Champions League first knock-out round, first leg match between Chelsea and Barcelona at Nou Camp, on February 23, 2005 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Was there ever a player anywhere on a green patch of earth who would get past this guy


Yep. You guessed it. Currently there is not a single black player in Real Madrid’s squad. The closest color you can get is tan (Marcelo, Navas and Varane).

Not that color matters but black players are notorious for hard tackling and ball winning capabilities throughout the world of football.

Real Madrid needs that extra padding at the back and a midfield general to do the dirty work against teams that try to pass too many times i.e Barcelona.

And it’s not like there aren’t enough talented black players around. Players like,

  • Pogba
  • Yaya Toure
  • Aurier
  • Zouma

all can add some much needed steel to Real Madrid’s line up that is desperately lacking a player who can break things when they don’t work.

Previous players like Makelele,Mohamadou Diarra, Lassana Diarra and Adebayor all have been very solid players for the duration of their stay at Real Madrid and it is certainly baffling to see Real Madrid not investing to scout more black talent either from Africa or South America or even from inside Europe.

Black players have, generally, superior genetics for running, jumping and thrashing when compared to their counterparts from places such as EU.

All this begs the question, is Florentino Perez really a racist?



Ronaldo is perhaps the only player apart from Zidane who has a ROI of over hundred.


Real Madrid management should put their heads together and must make these amendments after Perez axes Benitez at the end of the season if Real Madrid is to have any chance of returning Barcelona the favor it so graciously honored Real Madrid with.