Reports are emerging that Barcelona and Manchester City are the two main contenders for Pogba’s signature come the end of the season. Pogba is a 22 year old midfield behemoth of a player who currently plays for Juventus.

Pogba will probably cost Real Madrid around 80 million euros if it comes down to that. There isn’t any player which Juventus would want in a potential player plus cash swap with Pogba so it is safe to assume that Real Madrid will have to break the bank if it wants Juventus Pogba.

Real Madrid needs to act quickly before other clubs swallow Pogba as well. I think Real Madrid missed out on Suarez and there is no hiding the fact that Real Madrid desperately wanted to sign Neymar as well (Neymar, chose Barcelona to fulfill his boyhood dream).

There are a host of reasons why Real Madrid need to stop any other club, especially Barcelona,from even approaching Pogba, some of which are:


Barcelona already has Busquets.

Barcelona  is infamous for signing players it doesn’t really need (much like Real Madrid) and it signs major players from other teams which mostly renders the selling team, more or less, useless.

Needless to say, Barcelona is the club which is reported to be closest to Pogba right now even though it has Rakitic and Sergio Busquets in its ranks.

Not only will Pogba’s signing strengthen Barcelona even more but it will also mean Real Madrid would fall even further from Barcelona.

Real Madrid needs to sign Pogba before Barcelona does. Period.

pogba photoPhoto by xavnal

Real Madrid don’t really have a combative midfielder like Pogba in the squad.

Unlike Barcelona, Real Madrid buy major players which it doesn’t need, only in the attacking department (though it hurts the selling club in anycase) and hence fall short of adequate cover in the midfield department.

Modric, Kroos and Isco are not really midfielders who will keep the team organized defensively. They are physically average and that almost ensures that Real Madrid would lose the midfield physicality battle in any given vital game.

Real Madrid needs Pogba more than Barcelona does. Casemiro is the only midfield player who is defensively sound in the current Real Madrid line up and he is nowhere near the level of Paul Pogba.

A Galactico signing is a must come the next season as Real Madrid missed out this season.

Real Madrid didn’t do much business this season in the transfer market. Perez won his presidency on the promise that he would bring the best players (attacking players that is from his past record) to Real Madrid.

He didn’t do that this summer. Real Madrid signed an untested and unproven yet exciting player in the form of Kovacic. Danilo was hardly a big signing at all.

If Real Madrid miss out on another great player to Barcelona that would be a huge loss.

Players who play for Barcelona cannot sign for Real Madrid in any transfer market. Therefore it is even more imperative that Real Madrid sign Pogba before Barcelona does to complete its midfield


Since money is not obstacle to Perez’s plans, it shouldn’t be a burdensome task for him to deliver Pogba to Benitez for next season.

Paul Pogba is the future of midfielder world as far as football is concerned. He is young and extremely gifted on the ball.

Otherwise, Perez risks signing another Galactico who plays in attack and thus weakens the balance of the team in the defensive department.

Paul Pogba would be the foolproof signing next summer for Real Madrid since he would sell a lot of shirts and would become the fortress behind which Real Madrid’s defense would feel safe.


Photo by eser.karadag