De Gea just signed a four year deal with Manchester United. Which incontestably means that Real Madrid would not be able to sign him next summer or does it?

This is not a unique situation when it comes to signing players. Clubs do tend to play hard ball whenever Real Madrid comes knocking on their door for any player.

The point of De Gea’s contract is to simply give out a message to Real Madrid that Manchester United still cares for De Gea and that De Gea is indeed a part of a long term plan at Manchester United.

Is there anything that piece of news that we haven’t heard (or more likely read) before?

Real Madrid will sign De Gea anyway

See it doesn’t really matter if De Gea is contracted to Manchester United or not. If Real Madrid wants a player, generally, it gets it. Except for cases where Barcelona sneaks in and stabs any Real Madrid approach towards a player from behind (examples include Suarez, Henry, Zlatan).

It would be really hard to believe that Real Madrid would be deterred by De Gea’s contract extension with Manchester United.

Real Madrid see a long term replacement in De Gea and if that is indeed the case then Real Madrid would be ready to pay anything for De Gea. De Gea is twenty four now so that means Real Madrid are looking at a long term replacement and it is true that De Gea would be able to give Real Madrid a solid goalkeeper for the next ten years at the least.

That is of course if De Gea doesn’t go off the tracks.

Manchester United have this habit of being stubborn when it is dealing with Real Madrid. Seven years ago, Manchester United did the same with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo wanted to move, Real Madrid wanted him to move and Manchester United wanted to sell.But that equation was not enough for Manchester United people and they decided to stall it to the absolute limit.

Ronaldo also had a contract with Manchester United and it was probably longer than the one De Gea has signed just now if I remember correctly. That further shows that Real Madrid would not be deterred by the contract De Gea has just signed with Manchester United.

If Keylor Navas Performs, It Would Be Goodbye to De Gea

de gea Britain Soccer Premier League

De Gea in Britain Soccer Premier League

In a sense this contract is a blessing for Real Madrid and perhaps the deal that went dead a couple of weeks ago was also in Real Madrid’s favour.

Real Madrid would be able to observe De Gea’s performances for another year. It would be a good test for De Gea to perform after what transpired at the start of the season and it would really be a tremendous show of courage,fortitude and patience on part of De Gea if he is able to give good performances week in, week out in what could be his last season at Manchester United.

On the other hand, if De Gea flops this season for Manchester United then the situation would change drastically. First and foremost, Real madrid would count its lucky stars that it didn’t dish out massive amount of money on a player that wasn’t good enough for Real Madrid.

Secondly, Real Madrid would be able to give Keylor Navas a chance. Keylor Navas was a superhuman for Levante and Costa Rica before he came to Real madrid.

Maybe it was lack of play time or just the distrust shown by Ancelotti towards Keylor which affected his morale and hence had to become a benchwarmer under Ancelotti.

If Kiko Casilla or Keylor Navas perform like hell this season, if would be best if Real Madrid avoid paying a transfer fee for De Gea.

The deal fell through for De Gea and by the looks of it, if fell for good reasons the least of which is that it gives time to all the parties to assess the situation in a more objective manner.

De Gea’s contract gives Keylor Navas a real chance to show Real Madrid that they don’t need to spend big on a goalkeeper that Navas can match or even beat by giving solid on field performances (that would not have been the case had De Gea not signed a contract. Real Madrid would have signed him for free next season and that would have meant that whatever Keylor Navas did this season would not have been enough to change Real Madrid’s intentions to sign De Gea on a free transfer).

De Gea’s contract also gives Real Madrid some time to think about the situation long and hard. Now the transfer would not be a straightforward free as would have been the case if De Gea had not signed with Manchester United.

Real Madrid can look forward to Keylor Navas’s (and possibly Kiko Casilla’s) performances this season and then decide on whether to buy De Gea since he is not coming for free anytime soon.

De Gea’s contract also gives De Gea the chance to prove himself a real professional and show Manchester United and possibly its future employer Real Madrid that he can perform in adverse conditions.

Contract means nothing

If Keylor Navas doesn’t perform this season and De Gea becomes a human shield at Manchester United, no contract would stand in Real Madrid’s way to not sign De Gea.

Whatever the cost, De Gea would be a Real Madrid player.

So the situation doesn’t really change as far as Real Madrid is concerned. There are probably back channel talks going on right now with De gea’s agents and Manchester United for a deal that is acceptable to all parties come the end of the current season.

Van Gaal has should tremendous patience and wisdom is first sidelining De Gea and then offering him a contract to let Real Madrid know that De Gea is wanted by Manchester United and that he wouldn;t be shipped out to Real madrid as a free agent.

Perhaps It Is Better For Real Madrid This Way

De Gea’s consistency as a keeper and his mental fortitude would come under some strain this season and it would be a good barometer for Real Madrid to judge De Gea.

Besides, there are many other options available in the transfer market. Who knows that Neuer’s situation be at Bayern Munich? And who can guarantee that Mourinho would not have another bust up with a Chelsea Player.

May be Courtois will be available in the next transfer market and that would make things really interesting.

If It comes to Neuer, De Gea and Courtois, Real Madrid should go with Neuer. There should be no question about that. Neuer is other worldly in terms of defending the goal posts.

Plus, Neuer can play as a sweeper at the back.

If it comes down to De Gea and Courtois, Real Madrid should again put De Gea second and Courtois first. Courtois is the younger of the two and is a good shot stopper.

De Geas Loyalty

De Gea should, at least, be commended for his loyalty to Manchester United.

De Gea could have run out his contract with Manchester United from the sidelines and then could have signed for Real Madrid (which would have been an ideal situation for Real Madrid as well) but De Gea didn’t.

He let Manchester United and Real Madrid fight for his signature and acted like a true professional when he signed a 4-year contract the week after the deal with Real Madrid fell through.

That demonstrated that De Gea cared for Manchester United after all Manchester United had done for De Gea since his arrival from Atletico Madrid a couple of years ago.


Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, Real Madrid should be contended with the fact that it has a good goalkeeper in the form of Keylor Navas, who might prove himself to be the world’s best come the end of the season and hence, save Real Madrid a lot of money.

It also imparts Real Madrid the time to really plan out De Gea’s transfer at the end of the current season(2015-2016), if at all.