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Obviously video games (especially games like FIFA 16) and their content should not be taken seriously enough to scrutinize but the new FIFA player rankings are just ridiculous.

Here are the three reasons why:

  1. There is no way Silva (of Manchester City) is better than James or Modric of Real Madrid.
    How do FIFA 16 staff scout players or even more importantly, rank them. James Rodriguez is better than Silva at everything a football player can do on the pitch except for passing ability.
    Silva’s through balls and short passing are much more accurate and it is true that he does put a lot of thought into his plays.
    James Rodriguez is too young for those sort of plays on the pitch but that does not mean that James Rodriguez is a tier below Silva.
    Silva cannot score goals with the same frequency as James can and on top of that James can score goals that are beautiful.
    Forget last week, James goals at the beginning of last season were phenomenal. It is safe to say that David Silva would only dream of scoring goals like that.
    At the very least, James should have been in the same tier of players as David Silva. That is at the very least.
    A fair rank would have been a rank higher than David Silva for James Rodriguez. Same is the case with Modric.
    Modric definitely deserved a better rank than David Silva. Even though he plays in a deeper role but Modric is every bit as skilled as David Silva.
    I don’t even know how to compare the two players. Apart from the final ball, Modric is better in every department of the game.
    Every department. To me it seems like FIFA is more inclined in boosting EPL players stats just because EPL is more widely watched. Of all the goals David Silva scored last season (and there weren’t many. Twelve in total in fact) only one goal could be considered as world class and that was against a side I can’t even find the name of.
    James Rodriguez has performed for Real Madrid at every stage and that says even more about James Rodriguez when we consider the fact that he has Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema playing alongside him who are prone to hogging all scoring opportunities.
    Who has Manchester City got to score goals, apart from Aguero. And Aguero doesn’t even come close to the numbers Ronaldo puts in and the demands Ronaldo puts on his teammates.
    I think it is almost a miracle that James is able to score any goals given the position he has to play in at Real Madrid. James is basically a maker rather than a scorer and Real Madrid have the continent’s best finishers.
    It is a wonder that James is able to take his tally of goals into double figures for a single season. But apparently that isn’t enough for FIFA 16 staff to rank him, at least, alongside Silva.
    Goals scored by a player obviously doesn’t tell the whole story when a player isn’t a forward but even then, Modric (who is currently being investigate for tax fraud) deserved to be ranked within the same category as Silva (or Iniesta even) .
    Even if we forget about goals scored and the like. The general level of play of James and Modric definitely deserved as much credit as that of Silva.
  2. Thiago Silva is a good defender. He has good reflex and can tackle really well. He is also a great header of the ball.
    But, Sergio Ramos is one step ahead of Thiago Silva in almost everything Silva does best. Ramos is younger, faster, much harder tackler of the ball and his aerial ability is unmatched. Sergio Ramos doesn’t make mistakes and get carded only when he loses his cool and commits a stupid foul.
    Sergio Ramos scores more goals than Thiago Silva and has accumulated more experience than Thiago Silva even though he is a year younger than Thiago Silva.
    Sergio Ramos is also a great organizer at the back. When Ramos plays, the back four automatically feel more energized and hence perform better as a cohesive unit.
    I think a fair ranking would have been to put both in the same tier.
  3. Coming to the attacking players. Neymar should be in no way a tier up than Gareth Bale.
    Gareth Bale might not have had his best last season with Real Madrid but he was superb with Wales. That obviously shows that it was the system and the general environment (along with injuries to key players in the Real Madrid squad) surrounding Real Madrid which affected Bale’s performances with the club.
    Neymar might have scored in the final of the Champions League but it was in the dying minutes of the game and was set up with a sitter when all Juventus players had poured forward in order to score.
    Neymar was good. Perhaps very good but Bale was not that far behind. In fact, not behind at all.
    Same is the case with Benzema I think. Whatever Benzema did or did not do last season, there is very little reason for anyone to rank him in the same category as Rooney and Muller.
    Rooney and Muller just do not belong with Benzema. The things Benzema can do with the ball are things Rooney and Muller would not even dream of doing.
    Rooney scored a grand total of fourteen goals last season which is atrocious by any standards. Especially given the fact that he can play anywhere he wants to at Manchester United.
    Benzema is mostly used to set up Bale and Ronaldo to score goals. Muller did get twenty goals to Benzema’s twenty two but that does not explain the whole story.
    If goals were the only criteria to rank attacking player than Ronaldo should have been ranked above Messi which leads us rather conveniently to our last point.

Messi ranked a tier above Ronaldo was probably the only thing FIFA 16 staff got right.
It is true that Ronaldo scored more goals than Messi but all of Ronaldo’s goals could not save Real Madrid from not winning anything.
Messi, even though played more games and scored less goals than Ronaldo (even though Barcelona exists to serve Messi’s interests i.e his goals tally, assists tally and free kicks tally)  , did manage to win trophies for Barcelona.
Messi was instrumental in the semi finals against Bayern Munich and in the final against Juventus.
Messi’s goals also produced far superior results than Ronaldo’s. Messi’s goal against Atletico Madrid gave the title to Barcelona and he scored a wonder goal in the final of Copa Del Rey as well.
All in all, I think Messi deserved to be ranked a tier above everyone else.