fc barcelona photoBarcelona might have won the treble last year but that still does not absolve it of all its sins.

There is an unwritten code of ethics in every activity that humans engage in and football is no different. 

Yes on paper, in terms of trophies won, Barcelona was the best club in the world but is that what football’s about?

What about the beautiful game and playing it with honor and fair play? 

Barcelona does  play the game in a manner which is easy on the eyes but that’s not what beautiful football is all about. Beautiful football is about playing fairly. Playing with honesty and with sportsmanship. 

Lets not get into the details about why Barcelona are the biggest cheaters in world football when it comes to referee decisions, players diving or players trying to get opponents players sent off. 

Here are the top reasons why Barcelona is still worthless in terms of its character as a football club:


  • Barcelona’s transfer policy is ugly to say the least. Almost every season they buy the best player in a weak team at a high price. Which kills of the selling club and makes Barcelona even stronger.
    It also buys the best talents in other La Liga clubs and that further weakens the other clubs and hence La Liga becomes less competitive. What happened to the agreement that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid had about not signing each others players?
    Barcelona obviously has no regard for agreements or contracts. If Real Madrid had signed De Gea from Manchester United this season, I don’t think Manchester United would have gone from an A club to a B club.
    It would have still been competitive in England and would have still put on a show in Champions League. But when Barcelona bought Arda Turan from Atletico Madrid it exposed its ugly inner side.
    It was a blessing to see a third player in the title race in La Liga and Barcelona has tried its best to make a two horse race again.
  • It relies too much on Messi. Messi is a human being. He is going to get old, has anyone at Barcelona even thought about what would happen when he is gone?
    Because right now, no matter who is the coach or the manager, president, no matter who plays on the right or on the left, it is all about Messi. He starts, he ends.
    He creates and he scores. He assists and he takes the free kicks. It is a club filled with Messi fanboys. It is pathetic to say the least. Clubs are supposed to be bigger than it’s players.
    Right now, the amount of bootlicking and toadiness that Barcelona has shown to Messi is not befitting of a club of this stature or any stature for that matter.
  • Barcelona is a not worth being a supporter off because it abuses young players. It signs them at an inappropriate age and since other clubs respect the age limit put on by the authorities, Barcelona gets to sign the brightest young stars using back channels.
    Finally, they were punished for their fraudulent activities by UEFA but then their sentence was reduced to only one transfer window ban. Transfer window ban was and is useless against Barcelona because it already has the best 11 in the world.
    More suitable would have been a fine of 50 million euros or transfer ban for 3 years i.e 6 transfer windows to really hurt the club so that it would have acted as a deterrent for every other club which tried to break the law in the future.
  • What’s with the tattoos seriously? It has been medically proved that tattoos are bad for your health. It invalidates your blood donations. What is it with Barcelona players that almost all of them have got tattoos on them.
    Compare that with Real Madrid players or Chelsea players (just an example, put in their any team you like) and you have a team in Barcelona which looks like a club sponsored by tattoo companies or something.
  • That leads us to the question, does Barcelona have any ethical values when it comes to signing players in the transfer market? They signed Suarez when he was ostracized by the whole world for his cannibalistic behavior against Italy’s Chiellini.
    He got banned from football and many clubs who wanted to sign him backed off because of his newfound stardom. Barcelona, again as unethical as it gets, sneaked in and pouched him up when every other club avoided Suarez to stay true to their club’s values, to their fans and in some cases their shareholders.
    Barcelona should have at least waited till Suarez had paid for his sins and then could have signed him in the following transfer window when other clubs would have had their attention on him also.
  • Guardiola said once that he instructed his players to just shoot the ball towards the goal and pray that the deflection off the keeper falls at the feet of a Barcelona player (preferably Messi I assume).
    I am sorry but that philosophy sucks because it makes for the most scrappy and ugly goals that one can ever wish to see on television. Yeah, the built up is mostly great from Barcelona but just look at the goals Barcelona scored in the Champions League final.
    First goal was pretty okay, though Juventus allowed Barcelona too much time on the ball. The 2nd goal personified what Guardiola talked about a while back. Deflected shot from Messi landed just ahead of Suarez.
    The third goal was pretty much about Barcelona exploiting Juventus when Juventus had no choice by to commit men forward.

All in all, it is about time Barcelona starts to clean its reputation from activities other than winning trophies. Otherwise it will become the Floyd Mayweather of football very quickly.
Barcelona can win trophies all it wants but unless it wins them fairly and in a dignified manner, I think it can forget about earning respect in the eyes of the football world.

Technically, Barcelona have got no equal but ethically, no one is below them.



Photo by Gerard Reyes | Fotografía