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It does seem like a never ending road for Ronaldo. Whether he remains a Real Madrid player till his retirement or not, is a question I don’t think even he can answer.

But one thing that is for sure is that Ronaldo will never complete his journey to perfection. He just wants to get better and better every year.

And he doesn’t want to get better in only a subjective sense. Ronaldo wants to get better objectively i.e by breaking more records.

As great as that ambition might be, sometimes things just don’t work out. And when they don’t that is when the truly great players pick themselves up and enjoy the game for the team rather than for themselves.

This is one area where Messi will always be country miles ahead of Ronaldo. Ronaldo doesn’t really care if Real Madrid is winning or losing (or he might care, he just doesn’t show it that clearly), he wants his piece of the pie every game and if doesn’t get it, he looks dejected.

That is also the reason why Ronaldo did not  look like a player who scored 61 goals just last year. And there is a good reason behind that as I explained earlier.

Most of those goals he scored last year,  were either useless or tap ins or easy headers or penalties. I can’t remember the last time Ronaldo scored a goal to which I thought “OH Man, if it was anyone other than Ronaldo, that chance would have gone begging”.

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To be fair to him he had a pretty solid game last night. His first real contribution was a wonder cross from the left after four or five tantalizing stepovers, that Benzema missed somehow, probably because of his lack of match fitness and sharpness.

After that, he sort of vanished from the spotlight as James, Bale and Modric put on their show to perfection last night albeit against a sorry Real Betis.

Ronaldo tried hard to steal their thunder with skills of his own but the problem is that Ronaldo is such a huge star at the moment that people treat him unjustly just because of his name.

Ronaldo was fouled really hard last night and there were a couple of penalty shouts which should have gone his way.

It has to be said that he did look a bit greedy after knowing that Messi did not score in his game and James just scored a one in a million free kick goal.

But can you really blame him? He needs to feed himself with goals, otherwise he looks frustrated just like last night.

But whether it be Ronaldo’s bad luck last night or a biased referee, the fact would remain that he wants to be the number one player in the world. Number two, for him, is the first loser.

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Adan being the goalkeeper didn’t help much either. Adan, a former Real Madrid third choice goalkeeper probably is the one goalkeeper who has faced Ronaldo’s shots more than anyone else in the world.

And it showed last night too. It looked like Adan knew every angle, every body feint, every move Ronaldo could muster.

He read Ronaldo to perfection and by the end of the night Ronaldo had taken six shots on target and scored from none because Adan stopped everything from him.

He stopped a right foot shot, two left foot shots and a free kick towards the end. Ronaldo just had no way past Adan last night.

All that aside, Ronaldo woeful form with free kicks continued last night.

Photo by Mato Adentro