Lets cut to the chase quickly here. Real Madrid have a huge problem it seems. As far as the attacking trio of Real Madrid is concerned, no one knows where to find who.

Some say Gareth Bale’s position isn’t behind the striker as a free roaming number 10 because his traits are not suited to that position while others say Ronaldo must be sold in order to fix the mess that is the trio of BBC(Bale, Benzema and Cristiano.).

Interestingly it was this same trio which scored goals at will two seasons ago when Real Madrid won the Champions League and in some style (apart from one hiccup against Atletico Madrid in the final due to Casillas’s howler) by beating Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the final after 120 minutes of high intensity football. 

What was Real Madrid’s formation back then? 

It was Bale on the right wing. Ronaldo on the left wing and Benzema as a pure striker who formed the link between himself and these two wingers.

Regardless of what some experts would have you believe, the fact is that, that combination worked wonders for Real Madrid that season. So why can’t it work now and what should be done about it? 

Here are the 3 precise pointers:

  1. Ronaldo has lost a lot of his pace since then. He doesn’t dribble anymore the way he used to.
    The season when Real Madrid won its 10nth Champions League crown was the last season Ronaldo showcased the pace to get past multiple defenders or score goals from difficult angles.
    It has all been downhill since then for Ronaldo as far as these traits go. He has scored more goals since then but they have been more or less useless goals.
    Easy tap-ins combined with penalties and headers have ensured that Ronaldo’s strike rate remains amazing. 
    But good teams don’t give you free headers or penalties and that is where Ronaldo has regressed while is archrival Messi has progressed even further.
    Ronaldo should play as a striker. He doesn’t have the pace nor the will to dribble past players to be playing as a winger anymore. That’s that.
  2. Bale should play on the left. That is the only place on the pitch where he can utilize his greatest asset: his pace. His pace is what has made him one of the most feared wingers in the world of football and this system of Benitez is not allowing him to use that pace.
    Play Bale on the left. Not as a playmaker and hell, don’t give him a free role. Give him the left wing. Have him take the ball from deep positions and use his pace to get the ball down the wing and either cross it or cut it back for more central players.
  3. Benzema should play alongside Ronaldo. Both of them have always combined well with each other and can still do it.
    Ronaldo also seems to be more comfortable with Benzema than he is with Bale or anyone else. That would also provide for good cover incase one of Ronaldo or Benzema gets injured.
    There is no point in playing Isco and James on the wings because that takes away the best points of their game away and forces to play on their weak points.

So that’s it. Ronaldo and Benzema as strikers. Bale as a left winger or a more compromised position of free role behind the strikers.