Ronaldo, it seems has had enough of Real Madrid even before working under Rafa Benitez. And he cannot he loathed for it because this was the deal with Cristiano Ronaldo from the start of his Real Madrid career i.e he is a mercenary.Reports coming out from Madrid state it clearly that this would be Ronaldo’s last season at Real Madrid.

At Manchester United (where he is rumored to be setting his eyes on) Ronaldo spent six seasons and scored about 20 goals a season. He won 9 trophies at Manchester United under the guidance of Alex Ferguson. His 3 league titles along with a champions league medal were some of the high points of his career at Manchester United.

So it is conceivable that he wants to live the dream again and play for Manchester United as early as next season. With De Gea deal almost certainly dead, Manchester United would have every intention to use Ronaldo in a dream for De Gea. Another fact that cannot be ignored is that Ronaldo is bound to get unsettled under Benitez either because of the strictness of his plan to give Bale a free role in attacking midfield. So a move to Manchester United isn’t out of the question.

However, it is also true that this would be Ronaldo’s seventh season at Real Madrid, so it’s hard to stay where his heart truly lies. He has won a total of six trophies with Real Madrid including a famous 10nth champions league crown for the club and one LA liga title. Ronaldo averages about 52 goals a season for Real Madrid which is obviously insane, but the sad part is that he has very little silverware to show for his individual feats.

Some commentators do believe that Ronaldo’s obsession for scoring goals is hurting Real Madrid in terms of being competitive against bigger teams in LA liga and champions league. Ronaldo’s career at Real Madrid, at this point in time, had been nothing but spectacular. He is just a dozen goals behind raul’s all time scoring record for Real Madrid. If Real Madrid do end up winning a treble this season then I think we can kiss Ronaldo goodbye for good.

It is clear that Ronaldo has won a lot of trophies in his career, both individually and with the team. Otherwise there is no justification for a museum named after Ronaldo , built by Ronaldo himself. How does that affect his hunger, his motivation and his will to succeed is the question we all should be looking forward to add far as this season is concerned.

Ronaldo obviously has hit the 30 mark and the thought of leaving behind a memorable legacy must have crossed his mind. Therefore, I believe that in Ronaldo’s mind, the end of this season would be a perfect time to just move on without putting any conditions on his decision and move to another club to make more history .

The true test for Ronaldo would be to move to Italy where he would get a fresh start without the burden of a previous package, as would be the case if he moved to Manchester United at the end of this season. Serie A is a very competitive league and the style of play there will suit Ronaldo except for the heading part. Defenders in Italy know how to jump and defend the ball by any means necessary.

A move to AC Milan would be perfect and would probably be a continuity in terms of Ronaldo playing for a club with rich history and a giant fan following.

Or Ronaldo could say ‘to heck with legacy’ and move to MLS where he would be able to dodge and dribble past his markers to his heart’s content. MLS would be a money move for Ronaldo rather than a professional career move but who can blame him for that?

To conclude. Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid at the end of current season no matter what happens.

Ronaldo was once the sole superstar of the Real Madrid squad but now as is quite obvious, Real Madrid wants to move forward with Bale for commercial reasons and Ronaldo is always looking out for a better wage. Whether it will be Manchester, Milan or New York is a question we’ll get the answer to no earlier than the end of the season