While Barcelona bask in their less than impressive performance against Sevilla in the Super Cup (which Barcelona won in extra time with two goals from Messi in the first half of the match. Final score was 5-4 to Barcelona. Well done.) Real Madrid look concerned about the commitment being shown by its star players to the club.

Every other day there is talk about Ramos leaving the club, Ronaldo leaving for Manchester or Bale leaving for Chelsea. The latest of these rumors is of Benzema, who is said to be interested in a move to Arsenal. I think it is highly unlikely that Benzema would move to another club given the amount of success he has had at Real Madrid both in terms of individual progress and titles. He is comfortable in this system and is well settle in Spain, there is very little reason for him to disrupt all that and become like Di Maria (who had everything going for him at Real Madrid but destroyed himself at Manchester United.). So Benzema needs Real Madrid that is for sure.

Conversely, here is why I think Real Madrid need Benzema:

  1. Benzema scored 22 goals last season which is a pretty decent return for a striker, especially, given the fact that Real Madrid has Ronaldo and Bale in its attacking line up. Why would Real Madrid want to even consider selling Benzema. His assists ,for a striker, are extremely valuable to the team. Without his link up play Ronaldo and Bale get bobbed down by hard pressing teams. Benzema is especially effective against Barcelona because their style of pressing with little physical play suits him. To keep the edge over Barcelona, Real Madrid would be wise to keep Benzema.  
  2. Even though his scoring stats are not like those of Ronaldo and Messi (lets be honest, who’s is) but he does have that ability to score goals when the opportunities present themselves and that is a vital asset to have. That variety which Benzema has developed into his game keeps his opponents guessing. He is good with both his feet. Has scored incredible goals with the left and the right which gives him an added advantage on the field and his left foot isn’t just a swinger like that of Ronaldo’s. Benzema’s left foot is more than that. He can pass the ball with the left as well as place his shot.
  3. Karim Benzema is more or less the complete striker which is a bit different from being the perfect striker. Benzema can do anything a striker can do. He can shoot, run, pass and move. His positioning ability is amongst the best in Europe. His off the ball runs are extremely helpful against teams that man mark really well. His supporting runs make space for faster players like Ronaldo and Bale which has a multiplier effect on the performance of the whole team.



In short, Benzema is the last player (yes, last. Even lower than Ronaldo and Bale) that Real Madrid should be considering about selling and that too to Arsenal. Benzema is in the prime age of his career and still looks like he has a lot of ambition. He has won everything with Real Madrid and last season proved that despite all the chaos surrounding Real Madrid, he is focused on succeeding with Real Madrid, not with Arsenal or any other club in Europe.

Karim Benzema is the best player at what he does and what he does is, setup scoring positions for his teammates and score goals when his teammates return the favor. That is what Real Madrid require of him. So there is no reason to suspect that Benzema would be leaving Real Madrid anytime soon.

What do you guys think? Is Benzema more valuable to Real Madrid than Ronaldo and Bale?

Hala Madrid.