A lot of speculation has been going around with regards to the future of David De Gea of Manchester United (and Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid). Apparently Real Madrid want David De Gea after Casillas was shown the door couple of weeks ago. Casillas did break down during his last press conference as a Real Madrid player and yes it is true that Perez did not want him at Real Madrid anymore. Porto snapped Casillas up real quick given that he left has a free agent. Good deal there Porto.

Casillas is the past, that is for sure. Lets talk about the future, and there is very little doubt in my mind that David De Gea is the future at Real Madrid (assuming the deal does go through) and here is why I think De Gea is the right man for Real Madrid:

  1. It is quite obvious that Real Madrid need De Gea. Casillas is gone and Real Madrid are looking for a goalkeeper even though the squad currently has two goalkeepers waiting. It should be no surprise that De Gea also wants to move to Real Madrid. Real Madrid is the best Spanish club at present in terms of its history and the quality of players in the squad. De Gea is a Spanish international himself so he would not mind coming back to Spain and playing with some of his international teammates like Sergio Ramos, Carvajal, Arbeloa, Jesse and Nacho.
  2. Another reason why Real Madrid need David De Gea is that, Keylor Navas is shit. Okay, I’ll admit, he is not completely shit or even shit at all. He is pretty ok. Perhaps even okay. But that is the problem. Real Madrid does not need an okay goalkeeper (not a fault of his own but we’ll discuss that in another post). Real Madrid needs a goalkeeper who is consistently brilliant. Casillas was a great shot stopper with amazing reflexes but he made some mistakes last season which probably cost Real Madrid 2 titles. Keylor Navas, of what we saw of him last season is a solid goalkeeper but that’s all he is. When it’s time to make a move and be a match winner, Keylor Navas came up short.
  3. Casilla is next in line but he also has shown that he might become a fantastic goalkeeper, but not a world class one like Buffon or even old Casillas. That takes him out of the picture and hence furthers Real Madrid’s need to sign De Gea. Now even though Kiko Casilla scored and saved a penalty in a friendly match against AC Milan to win ICC trophy for Real Madrid, that doesn’t make his future as a starter any more stronger or stabler than it was before all that happened. Casilla is 28 and weighs like 84 kgs, he is not getting any younger so it would be hard for me to imagine him suddenly jumping up a level or two to become a goalkeeper that Real Madrid would want as a first choice.
  4. De Gea, like it or not, is the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment along with Courtois of Chelsea. De Gea can move, can stop, handle, punch, kick and pass the ball. His only stat that is not absolute world class is his positioning. Still, he is better than Casillas at the moment. One or two moments from last season with Manchester United showed me that De Gea is not good at “deflected reflex saves”. That happens when a striker takes a shot and the goalkeeper gets into position to save it until it gets deflected by a defenders (or any other player) and the ball changes its direction which confuses the goalkeeper, most goalkeepers just get shot to the ground because they don’t have an idea of what to do in that situation. Casillas was pretty good with those situations but De Gea? I am not so sure and I would love for him to prove me wrong.
  5. De Gea is young. He is 24 which means that he is a, at the very least, 10 year replacement for Casillas. De Gea also has a lot of Champions League experience for his age and was selected as player of the season for Manchester United last season. De Gea also has exposure to top quality football as he has been a regular at Manchester United both in the league and in cup competitions. This for me separates him for the rest of the pack (except for Courtois of Chelsea). Apart from being young, De Gea is also tall and rather quick for a man his size and that means that he’ll be a big target for strikers to not hit. That is  always good for defending sides.

In short, De Gea is the only option for Real Madrid at the moment. Though I liked Courtois a bit more earlier but seeing his shot stopping abilities last season (and the season before that), I think as far as Real Madrid is concerned, De Gea is the way to go. Courtois is 23 also and that means both these young goalkeepers will be at each others throat for being the best goalkeeper in the world for years to come.