Real Madrid may have won against Manchester City, in a meaningless ICC match in Australia of all places, 1-4 thanks to goals from Ronaldo and co but that doesn’t mean Florentino Perez has hit the jackpot with Benitez.

To be honest I don’t even know why Real Madrid (mainly Florentino Perez) have signed him. His records with Liverpool, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Napoli have been anything but great. Infact, if you compare him to someone like Mourinho or Guardiola, his record as a manager is rather embarrassing, but that is not the only reason why I think Benitez is a problem at Real Madrid (rather than the solution). Here are my top 5 reasons why Benitez is problematic for Real Madrid:

  1. He has very little idea on how to treat big name players. Big name players have a big name for a reason and that is, they have performed big in big situations. Not respecting that is a sign that you’re just out there to stamp your authority rather than form trust which would built a team. He already has run into problems with Ronaldo and currently, Real Madrid just cannot afford that, he is the only player who can help Real Madrid reach respectable positions come the end of the season.
  2. Benitez’s teams are, most of the time, outright boring. If people thought Mourinho’s style was not entertaining enough then hold onto your seats for Benitez. His style of management will most likely suck the love of football out of you. Anyone who wants proof of that should watch the semi final of the Champions league between Liverpool and Chelsea some 6 years ago (both legs).
  3. On top of being boring, his main problem is that he always puts defense first. At Real Madrid, that does not work. Even when his teams are winning, they play predictable, stiff and tedious football. Liverpool might have enjoyed that but at Real Madrid that does you no good. Capello, Pellegrini and Mourinho could definitely vouch for that.
  4. Benitez teams (even when they are tactically strong on paper) tend to do poorly against lowly teams. May be because Benitez is unable to motivate his players to go out and put the lowly team in its place before it grabs a win or a draw. May be Benitez actually doesn’t know how to do that and may be he finds it hard to motivate himself for matches against 2nd tier teams.
  5. Benitez always has had a tough time forming teams which are consistent and thus, able to win trophies, not just matches. He was atrocious with Inter Milan and Chelsea. I don’t know of anything Benitez has done in the last 7 years or so to warrant a job at Real Madrid. Pete Jensen of Daily Mail wrote an article yesterday about Benitez and how he needs to win trophies at Real Madrid if he doesn’t want to become another interim coach at Real Madrid. No shit! This is Real Madrid. You need to win and win in style here, otherwise you are shown the door.
  6. Final problem I see in Benitez is that he rotates too much. While personally I like that because I get to see good players getting the play time they deserve but that doesn’t go down well with the squad players. No one is certain about a starting position in Benitez line ups, notorious for being unpredictable. Big name players at Real Madrid would not tolerate that. It could cause disturbance in the dressing room and ultimately another episode of chaotic happenings at Real Madrid. Benitez is complete opposite to Ancelotti in this regard and because of his rotation policy, he would need more time to gel the team and form a core at Real Madrid. Time is something that is very scarce, even scarcer at Real Madrid.

What to do you guys think? Would Benitez be a hit at Real Madrid?

Talk to me. Hala Madrid!!!!