Ronaldo just signed a deal with some company for his image rights (those related to the asian market). Apparently, the owner of that company is also the owner of football club Valencia.

Casillas’s agent (who would be really bitter by now) has indicated that he thinks Ronaldo is about to plan his move away from Real Madrid. He cites Ronaldo’s deal with Valencia’s owner as a early sign that he is about to leave Real Madrid since what kind of a football player would play football for one club and make money for another when both those clubs are rivals.

Answer is simple: Ronaldo.

Here is why I think Real Madrid should get rid of Ronaldo for the better:

  1. Ronaldo is one the wrong side of 30 now. He is more or less finished as a player who could influence games on his own (along the lines of what Messi is doing with Barcelona currently). Last season, he scored his highest tally for Real Madrid but at what cost? Real Madrid lost all worthwhile trophies but Ronaldo looked pretty satisfied since he was scoring same as all the previous seasons. Ronaldo’s goals were poacher goals last season. A prime Inzaghi could do what he did last season. Why should Real Madrid put up with his stern demands regarding his contract and his position on the football field when he is contributing no more to the team than Benzema, Bale  & Modric. On top of that, Ronaldo has not been ‘Ronaldo’ this season. He has scored easy, meaningless goals. He has scored just once from 70 odd free kicks in the past 2 years. His dribbling skills have all but vanished. Till the March of 2015, Ronaldo was not even in the Top 20 of Europe’s top dribblers. Messi had dribbled 250 odd times while Hazard was second with 240 something. Our Ronaldo was exactly at 99 which is, obviously, a disgrace for a player who wants to be remembered as one of the greatest players of all times.
  2. Ronaldo can fetch Real Madrid a good amount of cash if Real Madrid sell him this season or at the latest towards the end of this season. Ronaldo still commands media attention like no other football player so he is pretty marketable in that sense. Real Madrid already have Bale (who is actually suffering because the team has to cater to Ronaldo’s plays instead of Bale’s) so it wouldn’t be a loss for Real Madrid. The money from Ronaldo’s sale could be used to buy players Real Madrid actually needs rather than wants.
  3. Ronaldo is a mercenary. He plays for money, not for loyalty. Not saying there is anything wrong with that philosophy (obviously he is a professional first and a Real Madrid player later) but Real Madrid should have been prepared for this moment since the day Ronaldo put on the white shirt for the first time. He plays for glory. He has achieved that with Real Madrid as he achieved with Manchester United, common sense indicates that now he wants to make history with another club.
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