Pogba is the next Patrick Vieira


As is customary for Real Madrid to sign big name, big game players whenever Perez is at the helm, there are many names being linked with Real Madrid for this summer’s blockbuster transfer window.

For now, Real Madrid has done virtually nothing in this transfer window. Apart from a deal, which is still not final and looks to be weaker as days turn into weeks, for Manchester United’s goalkeeper David De Gea. Something tells me the Bernabeu crowd is not going to be bursting with joy at the signing of a goalkeeper as the biggest transfer of the summer for Real Madrid.

One player that people would get excited about, if Real Madrid can put it’s thinking heads together, is Pogba. Yes, the football midfield machine that currently plays for Juventus. Here is why I think Real Madrid needs Pogba more than any other player this season (apart from a good goalkeeper that is):

  1. Pogba is big. Simple law of evolution. Big is better. Real Madrid currently is a very light team (not as light as Barcelona perhaps) at the moment with Modric and  Kroos. Teams need big, tough players to win trophies, especially in the midfield where Real Madrid was badly exposed last season when Modric got injured and Real Madrid was left with either Illarramendi or Sergio Ramos. Ancelotti went with Ramos and that turned into a disaster against Juventus. Pogba is someone who commands the midfield through his physique, his workrate and power. Real Madrid needs that.
  2. Pogba is someone who is equally effective on the field without the ball as he is with the ball. Real Madrid currently has a lot of great players on its roster but none of them like to work hard off the ball. Most of these players (Ronaldo, Bale, Modric, Kroos, Marcelo, Ramos, Benzema) are brilliant when Real Madrid has the ball but expose Real Madrid when they lose possession. That also is one of the major reasons why Real Madrid lost to Juventus, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in all the big matches last season. Real Madrid needs someone who can get tough. Get into dirty situations to win those 50/50 balls for Real Madrid.
  3. Pogba would also provide some steel in the midfield. After the demise of Khedira and transfer of Xabi Alonso, Real Madrid does not possess a player which can plug in holes in the back line or organise it. Alonso was a master at it even though he could not tackle well. Kroos and Modric sometimes can make effort to slow down the pace of play but against quality sides they are exposed for what they truly are and that is, they are playmakers who can defend a bit but not much. Pogba is a pure box to box midfielder. He can head the ball, tackle the ball, close down players, play with the ball from the midfield and bring the state of play into an advanced stage. Real Madrid needs that type of player. Pogba is that type of player.

As of now, there is not a single piece of news that points to Real Madrid’s interest in Pogba. Barcelona is much closer in that regard. At this moment in time, if Pogba did decide to move and Juventus was open to let him go, he’d end up at Barcelona, not Real Madrid.

Perez needs to get up from his butt and make some calls to move things forward. One injury to Modric or Kroos during the season would mean Real Madrid would become a mediocre side from a midfielders perspective and good sides can take advantage of that. Real Madrid needs some strength in the midfield both in turn of numbers and quality.

Let me what you think about whether Real Madrid should buy Pogba this season or not. I am all ears now.

Hala Madrid!!!