Before we get to what has happened in 6 months to Real Madrid, let’s talk about what is going to happen in the next few months:

  1. Real Madrid (or more precisely Benitez) is going to sit on its butt throughout the transfer window while Barcelona snaps up future stars from Europe and America.
  2. Real Madrid will not solve the problem of ball winners in the middle of the field. After Xabi Alonso, Real Madrid has been less than satisfactory in that area of the pitch.
  3. Ronaldo will not win the Ballon’ D’or. Come February next year, the tally is going to read like 5-3 for Messi against Ronaldo and with Ronaldo touching 31, I think he is going to have to live with 2nd best of his generation when he finally hangs up his boots, whenever that might be

With that out of the way, let’s briefly discuss what happened in the last 6 months:

  1. Real Madrid went from winning, a club record, 22 matches in a row to one of the most disastrous seasons in Real Madrid history. I can’t remember exactly what week it was but in the middle of the season Real Madrid actually lead by 6 points in La Liga race and by the end the following two weeks, Barcelona led Real Madrid by 7 points. Don’t know what happened there. Real Madrid looked in pole position to do the treble this season but unfortunately, a shaky defense along with poor form of Ronaldo (still scored 60 odd goals for the season)and Bale proved a bit too big a hurdle to jump for Real Madrid. Real Madrid lost La Liga to Barcelona, lost Champions League to a weak Juventus and got knocked out by Atletico Madrid in Copa Del Rey. Final result for season 2014-2015, a big nought.
  2. Ancelotti is to be fully blamed. He didn’t play Bale to his strengths. Changed the midfield too much (though injuries tied his hands too but he should have accounted for that before the end of the transfer window) and had no plans to make a comeback whenever Real Madrid went down in a given match. He destroyed the nucleus of the team this season by selling off Alonso and Di Maria and, I think, that affected Bale’s performance a lot this season. There was no runner in the midfield for Real Madrid.
  3. Ronaldo, surprisingly, dribbled the ball to an absolute minimum this season. He became more of a Ruud Van Nistelrooy than anything else. He scored goals. A lot of them but, almost all of them were meaningless goals. Can’t remember him scoring a difficult shot with his foot. All his memorable goals were with his head which isn’t pretty. He can expect to lose his brand contracts if he continues to play in this way. His play did not influence the game. He was always ready to finish off a move but never the one to create a move. Messi mastered that art perfectly this season. He scored goals, some wonderful goals, a lot of unbelievable goals, created goals and won trophies for Barcelona like he had never before.
  4. Real Madrid also let Casillas go. That’s fine but not when you have got little clue about where to get the next goalkeeper who wouldn’t make 3 mistakes in a single match at Champions League level. Real Madrid, for me, missed out on Courtois and more or less Petr Cech too. Both I think are way better shot stoppers than Casillas. Cech was certainly a good possibility because he ended up moving to Arsenal. No way, Cech would have considered Arsenal had he known Real Madrid were knocking on his door. Real Madrid also let Raheem Sterling go. If the last 10 years have taught us anything than that is, anyone who has Raheem Sterling’s amount of pace gets to become a superstar in a short time which is what Real Madrid President,Perez, looks for in a player.

What Headline I am Afraid of This Transfer Window

  • Real Madrid sell Gareth Bale.

P.S forget about Ronaldo leaving (he will at some point).