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I think it should be pretty clear by now that Messi is, obviously, a great player. A great great player. Probably the best of his generation. Talent wise I think he might be the greatest player of all time.

To put it in perspective, he does not really need form to perform. His base level of play is enough for 99 percent of club teams in the world. He can win games by himself and that quality is something which no player (except for Maradona and Pele) has ever had.


But now there is never a talk about Messi’s talent. That is a given now. Now he needs to prove that he is the greatest player of all time.


He keeps on setting new records almost every week and most of us love him for that. Truth be told, he doesn’t need any records anymore. Not for Barcelona he doesn’t and that leads me to my point. Barcelona record don’t affect Mess’s standing in the list of all time greats. He has done everything there is to do at the club.


Let me be clear here. Messi needs to leave Barcelona in order to prove that he is the greatest player of all time. Not one of the greatest player of all time but the greatest player of all time.

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He needs to show that he can handle the physicality and pace of English premier league. He needs to show that he can handle the roughness of Italian league. He needs to win things with clubs other than Barcelona.


Or he could just stay at Barcelona and keep on breaking his own record. Wouldn’t count for much or would it?


There is where Cristiano Ronaldo comes in. After becoming the greatest player in Manchester United’s history (and that says something) he is now well on his way to becoming the greatest player in Real Madrid’s history and would be something no player has ever done and no player will probably never do.


Back to Messi then. He needed to win the world cup to be even mentioned with the likes of Pele and Ronaldo but he hasn’t won till now. Messi’s 27 now and will be around 32 next time the World Cup comes around. That leaves Messi in a bit of a quandary here.


At 32, nobody would be expecting much from him, probably because at 32 no player can give much. It would be sad to see Messi not win the world cup. Or win Champions League with say, Chelsea or AC MIlan.

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