First straight up facts.


Neymar scored the first goal of the game. A cheeky long ball from Suarez (the kinds he was famous for at Liverpool) saw Neymar take on Carvajal and Pepe. Quite inexplicably, both defenders felt like they had hit quicksand and Neymar got away from them with a single touch on the ball and took a low shot into the corner. Casillas dived, but to no avail.


Ronaldo scored from a penalty near the 28th minute mark. After Marcelo’s low cross was handled by a sliding Pique, Ronaldo made sure Barcelona conceded its first goal of the campaign. It was a expertly taken penalty with Ronaldo sending the keeper in the wrong direction.


Now some thoughts. First goal was mysterious. Neymar doesn’t have the ball control of Messi but still Pepe and Carvajal did not close him down. You would think that they were perhaps backing off trying to cover the goal but no. Both looked like as if someone had tied their feet to a pole of something. I mean, they did not move at all. It was incredible. Neymar, to his credit, saw that and took advantage of that by taking a slightly longer touch into the penalty area. Only in El Clasico would you find this much space inside the penalty box. With no one to close down Neymar and not even a single soul in front him, he took a stinger of a shot which Casillas was unable to save.


Real Madrid fought back really well. Benzema hit the post two times in two seconds. One with the header and one with a right foot shot from the preceding rebound off the header of Benzema himself.


Real Madrid looked like scoring every time they went forward. Barcelona slowly but surely clawed their way back into the game. With Xavi, Messi and Iniesta seeing more of the ball, the game slowed down and the match was quite even till the half time whistle was blown.

There were about 4 controversial incidents. Two penalties to both sides should have been awarded. I guess papers from both Madrid and Barcelona would have their hands full with in depth details of the those incidents tomorrow.