Could have scored 3 if he had the will for it (which isn't something you would normally say for Ronaldo)

Could have scored 3 if he had the will for it (which isn’t something you would normally say for Ronaldo)

Real Madrid defeated or rather mauled Barcelona to death 3-1. It could have been , should have been, something like 6-1 for Real Madrid but Real Madrid just did not look like the side which scored 3 goals previously. Champions League game midweek might have taken out a bit too much from Real Madrid as players looked tired towards the end of the game. Ronaldo barely looked like Ronaldo from 80th minute onwards.


Header from Pepe and a neat side foot finish from Benzema from inside the box after a slipped pass from James was enough for Real Madrid to win the game.


Mentionable players:


  • Ronaldo: For scoring the vital penalty and being a constant menace in the attack especially during the whole of first half. Could have scored a couple more had he been concentrating a bit harder.
  • Benzema: For scoring a neat finish which killed off the game effectively. His link up play was superb. Truly showcased that he is a complete forward with pace, shot, skills and a good head.
  • Marcelo: This guy isn’t amazing at the back but pretty awesome going forward. Plus, he just does not stop running.
  • Modric: Stuck in well in the midfield. Did not allow Iniesta, Messi, Neymar or anyone else easy runs through the midfield.
  • Messi: For not scoring. For once. No. He really got destroyed whenever he got the ball either by Pepe or by Modric. Did not look as threatening in his new deeper role as he once was when he played under Guardiola.
  • Neymar: For being partially useless after his early goal. Man is this guy the next Inzaghi (in terms of luck) or what. Youtube his 11 goals this season and you would find not a single goal of any quality. Saviola would have scored those goals with his eyes closed.
  • Iniesta: For being too old. It was a sigh of relief for to to see him go off the field. He controlled the game well in the first half but I think go tired towards the middle of the second half.
  • Mathieu: For being a slow, bear of a left back. Man what the heck? He is so big and so slow. How can he possibly be ahead in the pecking order when Barcelona has players like Jordi Alba in their squad.