Khedira is almost gone. Apparently he wants some more green to move to Arsenal. One thing is for sure, nobody is going to move to Manchester United at least for this season because of lack of Champions League football so lets not talk about Manchester United signing Benzema, Khedira or Di Maria.


Real Madrid have bought Kroos from Bayern Munich as his contract had 1 year left on it with Bayern Munich, it could be considered a good move. Pretty smart move by Ancelotti but questions remain; why sell Khedira and buy Kroos. Khedira is stronger defensively while Kroos is stronger on the ball and in the attacking third of the pitch. Khedira is 27 and Kroos is 24. If Real Madrid needed to sell someone then it should have been Benzema, Marcelo or Casillas.


But to everyone’s complete surprise Real Madrid is busy trying to get rid of their most valuable players. The only player I haven’t found in the transfer news is Ronaldo and thank God for that. Seriously, who is the best winger in the world after Bale and Ronaldo? That’s right, it is Di Maria.


Let me give Ancelotti five reasons why selling Di Maria won’t turn out to be like selling Ozil:


  1. Real Madrid’s best player last season was DI Maria. There is not a single piece of evidence to point to anything else. Di Maria ran hard in big games and attacked hard as well.
  2. There is not a single attacking player out there in the world with the work rate of Di Maria. Nobody can run as much as Di Maria, forward and back. No one closes down defenders as quickly as Di Maria.
  3. His work ethic in defense and in attack is unmatchable. Ronaldo and Bale might have scored beautiful match winning goals last season but Di Maria was the architect behind those goals. Di Maria made huge difference in the matches against Barcelona and Bayern Munich. His single action of retreating back to help out the back four won Real Madrid it’s away match against Bayern Munich and the final against Barcelona as well in Copa Del Rey.
  4. Di Maria is probably one of the few players left in the world who genuinely have skills while crossing the ball. The rest just let it fly in the box without any purpose or direction. Di Maria’s crossing is amongst the best and that can be a match winning trait against teams like Barcelona and Manchester United who are prone to good, clean and fast crosses behind their defenders.
  5. Di Maria’s attitude on the pitch is also something that sets him apart from the rest. Whether it is the first minute or the last, Di Maria was always seen to be giving his maximum till the last moment in every match. He is not nearly as individualistic a Ronaldo and can sacrifice for the team a lot as he did by playing the midfield for most of last season and excelled there as well instead of just being just a show up.

Any coach with any brains would not think twice about selling a player as good as Di Maria. It would be an utter disaster for Real Madrid if they eventually do sell their best player this summer.