I don’t know, maybe its the summer season but the reports coming out in the media about some of the transfers Real Madrid is reported to be involved in is crazy, to say the least.


Someone needs to remind Ancelotti that he was about 6 seconds away from losing everything last season. Had Bale and Ramos not turned up some amazing performances, Real Madrid would have been left with zero trophies last season.


In any case, what do we know for sure:


  • Barcelona have signed Suarez. That is a huge loss for Real Madrid and a huge gain for Barcelona. With Sanchez, Neymar, Messi and Suarez upfront, we are looking at at least 100 goals a season for Barcelona easy. Obviously Barcelona will sell Sanchez or Pedro. There is no way Barcelona is going to keep 5 top quality strikers in their first team squad.
  • Real Madrid at the moment is not looking for a left back. Marcelo is great going forward but as the World Cup has shown, he is pretty bad at defending which is his primary job. A while back Real Madrid was linked with a move for Ashley Cole and if it turns out to be true then I would think Ancelotti would have made a fantastic signing.


What’s the other crazy stuff.

  • Real Madrid is looking to sell Benzema and buy Falcao. I mean like what? Falcao is a good striker but Benzema has got that X factor about him which is needed in big games. Plus, why go for Falcao and not for Suarez if Real Madrid was actually looking for a striker? Don’t know what Ancelotti has been drinking.
  • Real Madrid is look to sell Di Maria and Di Maria has agreed terms with Manchester United. I say again, WTF???? Don’t know what Ancelotti has been drinking or who is he hanging out with but come on. Di Maria was Real Madrid’s player last season. Yes, best player ahead of Ronaldo. If it wasn’t for Di Maria’s magic run at the very end of Champions League final who knows if Real Madrid had won La Decima. Even setting that aside, Di Maria’s contribution all along the season were spectacular. Where is Ancelotti? Somebody needs to fire this guy. Seriously.
  • Real Madrid have signed Kroos. That would be a good news if only Real Madrid had not decided on getting rid of Khedira. I mean, both players are so much alike, why get rid of Khedira? He has performed satisfactorily well at the World Cup and that too after coming back from a long injury.
  • Real Madrid have sold Marotta to Juventus. He was not the greatest of strikers but looked pretty good considering his age, experience and the amount of playing time he got last season. Don’t know what Ancelotti wanted from him?

Suarez is gone now so no need to cry over that. But if any ONE of the above rumours turn out to be true then I think Real Madrid have made a big mistake in continuing with Ancelotti. Ancelotti might be brain washed for all we know. Why would he want to get rid of Khedira and Di Maria? Why?