Finally Brazil got the thumping they deserved. Hope Argentina get their share as well. Lets be honest here, most of the teams in this world cup (Brazil included) have played safety first and that has led to some of the most lifeless games I have ever seen on TV. May be its because I have been watching too much league football and may be the level of football being played at World Cup has dropped significantly.


Whatever the case, this is a defeat that would teach Brazil a good lesson. That lesson is that first, you have to have creative, innovate and players with a lot of flair to play attacking football. That is what is expected of Brazil whenever it plays in a big tournament. Scolari did not bring any player with any kind of flair for this tournament. May be Neymar could be included as a flair player but most of his trickery is gimmickry to say the least. Dribbles are supposed to beat people to advance the state of play not to get cheap free kicks and fouls from the opposition. C.Ronaldo, Messi and especially Ronaldo (fat one) mastered the art of beating players and then benefiting from the subsequent situation that developed. Neymar is a bit like a rowdy kid who doesn’t give respect to the games he plays in, to the team he plays for and to the players he plays against.


Anyway, enough of the world cup rant. If Neymar can be blamed for Brazil’s atrocious attacking plays this tournament (relatively speaking, please don’t give me the ‘oh I would like to see you try that’ or ‘Neymar has scored 4 goals for Brazil this World Cup’) then Ronaldo can be somewhat blamed for the elimination of Portugal from World Cup 2014.


Portugal was a shitty team and did not deserve to go into knockout stages but that does not absolve Ronaldo of his villainous mistakes in the last game against Ghana. He missed at least 3 sitters and by his standards, he missed about 4 goals. Those 3 or 4 goals would have been enough for Portugal to have progressed to the knockout round.


Anyway, Portugal, not for a single minute, looked like a team that should have been playing a World Cup match let alone qualify for the knockout stage.


I want to come back to Brazil again because it just frustrates me that a country with so much attacking talent would bow out of World Cup 2014 the way Brazil did. Why did Scolari did not include Robinho, Kaka and Lucas in the team? Concomitantly why didn’t Portugal’s Bento bring Quaresma with him? Sure with all the crappy players Portugal had, there was some space for Quaresma as well. Not saying that Quaresma would have been a world beater at this World Cup but for sure, he would have been at least 3 times more effective than Nani.


What do you guys think? Did Brazil and Portugal paid the price for not bringing in players that lacked in defensive duties but were gifted with their attacking roles?