Lets be honest here. Ancelotti tried his best this season (like relying on post to get through to the semi finals in Dortmund clash in the Champions League and then playing Casillas in the Champions League final) but Real Madrid players defied him and won two hard earned trophies.


Real Madrid beat 3 German teams in the Champions League for the first time in their history and could have won La Liga had Ancelotti actually contemplated on the fact that Real Madrid could have won the league within the last 2 weeks of La Liga.


Anyway, 3 substantial things that should be noted down from this season are:


  1. Selling Ozil instead of Di Maria was a masterstroke from Ancelotti. Ozil was flogged at Arsenal for the same reason Real Madrid fans wanted him out. He couldn’t deliver in key moments while Di Maria overcame his ordeal of being consistent throughout the season Whether Ancelotti flipped a coin on whom to sell or just went through with it is anyone’s guess.
  2. Messi flopped for most of the season scoring individual goals against 3rd tier teams consistently while Ronaldo was out there thrashing Champions League teams with utmost disregard.
  3. Real Madrid beat Barcelona, Bayern Munich and a new Atletico Madrid in the same season to win big trophies. Atletico Madrid were able to beat Real Madrid only once in about 6 meetings this season while Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona badly in the Champions League and also managed to draw the game against Barcelona on the last day of the season hence denying Barcelona any sort of silverware this season.


Gareth Bale also proved to be a wonder buy for Real madrid. 100 million euros now look like a bargain deal considering Bale’s contributions to Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey Final and Champions League final. So glad Real Madrid did not get Neymar even though Perez wanted to. So glad we lost to Barcelona to sign Neymar a year ago.

Ancelotti will probably get another season at Real Madrid and since no team was ever won Champions League twice in a row in its current format, we can all look forward to Ancelotti’s last season at Real madrid as early as next season.