Only 3 games left for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to fight it out for this season’s La Liga title. Barcelona just drew their home game against Getafe so they can pretty much forget about  their chances of winning anything this season.

Here are 3 reasons why I think Real Madrid should also forget about their chances of winning La Liga as that would tantamount to a quixotic wish.

  1. The most important and perhaps realistic reason is Atletico Madrid. Their form throughout this season has been nothing short of unbelievable. They just don’t look like they want to drop a single point. If they win all their games and Real Madrid win all their games then Atletico Madrid win the league by 3 points as far as the remaining season is concerned.

  2. Barcelona’s poor form. Atletico Madrid play their last match of La Liga against Barcelona at Camp Nou. Under normal circumstances you would bet for a win to Barcelona with a huge margin. No such luck this time around. Barcelona has not been able to beat Atletico Madrid in five meetings this season (last 5 meetings result are 0-0,1-1,0-0,1-0 Atletico Madrid,1-1)and Atletico Madrid knocked Barcelona out of this season’s Champions League as a result of that. So Real Madrid cannot expect Barcelona to contribute to Real Madrid’s chances of winning the league by beating Atletico Madrid. Which is rather embarrassing.

  3. Real Madrid’s losing head to head record against Atletico Madrid this season. Even if by some chance Real Madrid win all their remaining games and Atletico Madrid drop 3 points (which won’t happen) then Real Madrid would still lose La Liga as in Spain the tiebreaker is head to head record rather the goal difference as in BPL. I would say that is more fair as far as competition is concerned.

I am sure people would disagree with me and I would love to hear about that. HALA MADRID!!!