(Photo by boldorak)

(Photo by boldorak)

Barcelona just drew their home game against Getafe a few moments ago 2-2 after Messi had given Barcelona the lead in the first half. That result ensures that Barcelona will not be able to win La Liga this time around as Atletico Madrid are in a purple patch that just does not seem like going away.

Anyway, Barcelona has been in a bit of a quandary over their players and staff this season. They lost some important people this season. Some for half a season and some forever.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Barcelona just do not behave the way a European Champion is supposed to behave and for that reason they suck. Couple of other reasons for their grotesque image on the pitch and off the pitch are:

  • Well, first and foremost, which club (that is, a club run by people with a slight bit of intelligence) tries to sell a player who just scored his 40th goal of the season. Yes. There are strong rumours that Barcelona want to sell Messi this summer as he has not been at this absolute best this season and his contract demands are too high. I say, forget how many penalties Messi has scored this season from penalties which he did not win himself. Forget about the percentage of goals that were worth something and forget that he barely ran a kilometer more than his goalkeeper this season. 40 goals a season is a monster return. And Messi has not done that just this season, he has been scoring ludicrous amounts of goals since the past half a decade. At the end of the article there is a nice colorful diagram for the not so bright people at Barcelona that they should perhaps have a look at before selling him off even for 200 million pounds.

  • Barcelona were finally caught on their illegal dealing with little kids this season. For too long Barcelona have been benefitting from their youth squads to reign terror throughout Europe along with Spain and for quite sometimes everybody thought it was due to their theatrics and their magistical youth system. UEFA has now banned Barcelona from two transfer seasons for their alleged involvement in signing players and forcing them to move before the age of 16. Arsene Wenger said that Barcelona got what they deserved as they had broken the law. I guess Barcelona did get what they deserved. Oh wait, no they didn’t. Apparently, UEFA has suspended the ban for an indefinite period. We all know where that came from.

  • Third reason for why Barcelona still sucks is perhaps a bit random and its something I keep on repeating time and time again. For all Messi’s brilliance and Guardiola’s masterclass tactics, the fact is that in each of Barcelona’s past 4 Champions League wins, they have cheated their way to beat their opponents to death. Weather it be Real Madrid, Chelsea (two times), Arsenal, AC Milan. All were royally screwed and abused by Barcelona player’s diving and screaming along with referee’s rather keen concern for Barcelona’s victory in each of their successful Champions League seasons.

Perhaps some  enlightened fans of Chelsea, AC Milan, Arsenal and most of all Real Madrid can discuss some pertinent points which I might have excluded with regards to Barcelona’s methodology of winning titles.