'Choreo FCB - OL Allianz Arena 21042010' by Probek

Let me tell you something. Bayern Munich should thank their stars that Real Madrid did not humiliate them further in front of their own fans just 2 hours ago. Here is why:

  • Bale could have scored when Neuer mistimed a clearance way outside of his penalty area. It was on Bale’s left foot and he wasn’t under any sort of pressure to speak of.

  • Ronaldo could have scored with his left foot and came pretty close when Neuer came way off his line again and was unable to clear the ball appropriately.

  • Ronaldo could have scored in the first leg when he was through on goal against Neuer.

  • Di Maria could have scored when he was just a foot outside the goal and shot over the bar in the first leg.

So Bayern Munich fans should stop whining about their humiliation. Not to add the fact that Ribery should have been sent off to add further insult to injury.

Best comment ever:

Robben after first leg : “I expected more from Real Madrid”

Real Madrid : “Challenge accepted