Photo By USuYu

Photo By USuYu

Not many players can keep their first team position at Real Madrid. Amongst those even few, if any, are able to keep their first team position secured while they are not 100 percent physically. So what Bale has got that others don’t that has allowed him to be constant fixture at Real Madrid even though it is his first season at Real Madrid. Here are the reasons why:

  • Lets get this straight. Bale is a physically monster. He is a beast even when he is not 100 percent fit. His natural fitness if more than anyone else in the world of football. There are not many players who can stay with him let alone knock him off the ball. That much advantage over his peers allows Bale to contribute to a team like Real Madrid even when he is not at his best.

  • His pace is magical. There is not a single defender in the world who can stay with him (save for Manchester United’s Valencia maybe) and that quite evident in the Copa Del Rey final. Even in other games Bale has shown that he is supremely fast. Faster than Ronaldo in fact and may be even stronger on the ball than Ronaldo. Ronaldo obviously has advantages in other departments.

  • Gareth Bale’s stamina is something special. It’s like he has extra tanks of oxygen in his body. After 80 minutes of high intensity football in a Cup Final, where did Bale get the energy and stamina to put on boosters which allowed him to scream past Barta and score a virtuosic goal is just beyond me.

I guess it all points to the fact that football (and 90 percent of all sports) is 90 percent physical now. C.Ronaldo is the best player in the world because he is the fittest. Messi remained the best player in the world for a good 4 years because he was the fastest when it came to changing direction and acceleration from zero. The only exceptions in this rule are Zidane and Figo who used their superior techniques on the ball to beat their opponents into misery. Otherwise from Pele, Maradonna to Ronaldo and C.Ronaldo, all used their superior genes and physical prowess to dominate their opponents.