(Photo by Iamancion.com)

(Photo by Iamancion.com)

Di Maria and Bale have done for Real Madrid what Ronaldo and Benzema could not do last season and have won Real Madrid Copa Del Rey. Real Madrid teared through Barcelona with blistering pace and power. DI Maria scored the first goal on 11nth minute mark on the counter attack and used his pace to get past Barcelona defenders to take a low shot on the far corner to which Pinto only got a faint hand. Barcelona fought back with a goal from a headed goal by Barta from a corner. And lastly, Bale showed his beastly strength, pace , acceleration and deft touch to win the game for Real madrid around 83 rth minute mark. So long Barcelona, so trophies for you guys this season (I hope)


After being able to get only 1 point from a possible 12 against the top 2 teams (Barcelona and Atletico Madrid) so far this season, Real Madrid have showed that they have truly saved the big one (so far as La Liga and Champions League are clearly more important) for the last.


The bruises from that 3-4 defeat to Barcelona in the not too distant past this season have not been forgotten and Real Madrid have truly made their turn count and punished Barcelona.


Truth be told, Real Madrid could have score 5 goals. They played on the counter attack as anyone would do with the pace of Gareth Bale in the side. Barcelona’s Neymar did hit the post in the dying minutes of the game but no before Real Madrid hit the post 3 times before that in the 1st half so Real Madrid beat Barcelona on the post hit count as well.


3 Reasons why this win would propel Real Madrid player’s confidence through the roof are:


  • Real Madrid beat Barcelona without their main man i.e Ronaldo. No Ronaldo. Barcelona’s Messi was not so lucky and did have to stay on the ground to receive his losers medal.

  • Gareth Bale made his mark on La Liga this season and really upped his game when it mattered most. Real Madrid needed him tonight to fill in for Ronaldo and he did. Plus, not to ignore the fact that he scored a super goal. Bartra tried his utmost best to take him out on the wing but he just could not stay with the speed demon that is Gareth Bale.

  • A big win at this stage of the season would give Real Madrid immense confidence going into the semi finals against Bayern Munich and trying to stay in La Liga


The only downside could be in La Liga for Real Madrid and there is a reason for that. Barcelona have lost everything this season and their morale would be on a all time low. Atletico Madrid have a 3 point lead on Real Madrid and have a game against Barcelona (at home) on the final day of the season. Atletico Madrid would not feel invincible against Barcelona as they knocked out Barcelona out of the Champions League this season and now would have seen Real Madrid do the same to Barcelona without Ronaldo.

Real Madrid needs Barcelona to beat Atletico Madrid (and assuming everything else goes well), give them a chance to win the league.