Why d

Gareth Bale the speed demon(Photo by Dave Flaganan)

Gareth Bale the speed demon(Photo by Dave Flaganan)

id Real Madrid pay 100 million euros for Bale?

The Copa Del Rey final should give you all the reasons why.

Bale now has scored 20 goals in 39 games this season while Neymar has scored 15 goals in 40 appearances. Not to mention the fact that Bale has been going to a tough time this season because of his lack of pre season training.

And lets not even talk about the importance of the goals Bale has scored this season. Tonight’s goal in another goal which Real Madrid desperately needed and Bale delivered.

I don’t know about Neymar but I hope he improves next season. He still has got a lot to learn. He keeps on dribbling past the same player time and time again. I would suggest a better approach would be to pass sometimes and sometimes just do things a normal winger to do in order to not get too predictable. Pele was right when he said that Neymar has got a lot of pressure on him and he needs to learn ┬áthat, in Europe, defenders would run you to the ground if you don’t have control over the ball and don’t use your sense. You can’t just do you party tricks here as you would in Brazilian league where most defenders look like 40 something ┬ásemi pro’s.

For the sake of Barcelona, I hope Messi finds his motivation again (to run at least) and Neymar finds the focus he needs to be effective rather than entertaining. For someone with Neymar’s ability, I would think he would know how to use it better. Let’s give him the benefit of the fact that he is just 22 and really, it is his first season in a reputable league in contrast to Bale who had been playing in Europe all his professional life and has got a good 2 years on Neymar.