This week’s champions league action showcased exactly why Real Madrid sold Ozil and not Di Maria.

Two basic or rather fundamental reasons:

  1. He just does not give a crap about whom to mark and whom to let go. Basically no defensive work at all. It’s one thing if Messi or Ronaldo demand not doing any defensive work, although they do it more than any other striker that I know of, but it is completely ludicrous of a player of Ozil’s quality and position does not want to track back or even get in position for an interception.

  2. Ozil’s rather egregious ability to miss simple chances of scoring goals. He can set up other players for chances on goal with one killer pass or a key pass but he himself has the habit of missing some real brain dead ones. His penalty miss was a blessing as far as my position on his sale is concerned. Arsenal are out of the Champions League for this season. The return leg does not matter and partly it is because of Ozil that they would not be having any silverware this season as far as Europe is concerned. Had he scored that penalty, Arsenal could have just sat back and hit Bayern on the counter.

The weird news of the week is that, there were 4 matches played in Champions League. None of them were won by the home side. The home sides were not able to score a single goal while the away sides all won with comprehensive margins. Manchester City, Arsenal, Bayern Leverkusen and AC Milan all lost their home games and if history is anything to refer to than all these 4 sides can kiss their Champions League prospects good bye.