(Photo By Gevor11)

(Photo By Gevor11)



Ancelotti has really expressed him this time. Don’t know if, at this point in the season, telling people of Isco’s frustration of not playing much served any purpose. Except to demoralize him further.

Isco was the best player for Real Madrid, after Ronaldo it should go without saying, for the first part of the season where he played in a 4-2-3-1 system. After Khedira got injured Ancelotti went to a 4-3-3 and out went Isco. The system did not suit him and on top of that, against my expectation, DI Maria adopted to the midfield role to perfection.

Isco is like under 22 at the moment. If Real Madrid can developed him by providing him opportunities in Champions League and the league, then I think we can another Fabregas of sorts and that too for, perhaps, 10 to 15 years.

Right now, Isco has got very little chance of first team football and by the looks of it, Ancelotti has got no plans to disrupt his winning combination at the moment.

Apart from all that, here is why I think Real Madrid needs Isco:

  1. Isco is a basically a doppelganger of Fabregas. Fabregas’s weaknesses are his weaknesses and Fabregas’s strengths are his strengths. So it is basically a no brainer that Real Madrid has a potential world beater in Isco.

  2. Isco can hold the ball very well and can close out games with his possession minded game. In Champions League, that is critical.

  3. Isco can score goals, create goals and help out in defense as well. The only problem is that he cannot do that consistently for longer durations of time. He needs to work on his stamina and may be being 21 here is not helping him in a world of football that is always getting physically more challenging.

  4. After Ozil Real Madrid needs someone who can supply killer through balls. Di Maria has got a lot of pace and work ethic. Alonso is the general for Real Madrid and Bale is the left footed Ronaldo but what Real Madrid is really lacking at the moment is someone who can crack open defenses with one single pass. Real Madrid cannot continue to depend on the individual brilliances of Ronaldo and Bale to score goals. Not for long anyhow.

It would be sad to see Isco leave Real Madrid or be loaned out. Ancelotti seriously needs to rethink Isco’s situation at Real Madrid and should give him playing time whenever a situation demands.