(Photo by Calciostreaming)

(Photo by Calciostreaming)

Ronaldo has answered Lionel Messi’s brace on the weekend with two goals of his own last night against Ateltico Madrid in the semifinal second leg of Copa Del Rey. Though both of those goals were penalties, the important point is that he continued his purple patch of scoring goals at will, just like Messi.

So what do those two goals mean for Real Madrid. Well, it means Real Madrid will play in the final of Copa Del Rey this season and it will be probably against Barcelona as Messi scored a brace in Copa Del Rey two a week ago to put Barcelona ahead 4-1 in the two legged semifinal.

Real Madrid did not concede a goal against Atletico Madrid throughout the course of the two legs and that is some achievement. Real Madrid have only conceded 3 goals in 2014 and all three were spectacular goals. None of those goals where your defender makes a mistake or a side opens you up real good. The first goal was as scorcher against Athletic Bilbao. That was the first goal Real Madrid conceded in 2014. The second and third goals Real Madrid conceded were against Villareal last weekend and both of those were ,also, scorchers.

Can’t really pinpoint the reason for Real Madrid’s air tight defense at the moment. Best guess would be down to Ancelotti’s decision to finally stick to a regular back four and two holding midfielders in Modric and Alonso. Real Madrid still look vulnerable on set pieces, on corners, on early crosses. Not to mention the fact that Marcelo is an awful defender of air balls and has got no idea how to head the ball.

Can’t really complain about Real Madrid’s chances this season as far as titles are concerned. Real Madrid are level on points with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the league. We are in the finals of the Copa Del Rey where beating Barcelona (eventually) would cap off the season on a high regardless of whether we win the big two.

Champions League draw was kind enough. If everyone plays to their potential or average ratings (Schalke side included) then it should not be more than a walk in the park for Real Madrid.

Oh yeah, glad Di Maria got a rare rest. Otherwise, he makes weird gestures when Ancelotti tries to preserve him with a half time substitution.