(Photo by Calciostreaming)

(Photo by Calciostreaming)


Ronaldo can play at this level for another 6 years at the least says one of Portugal National team’s fitness staff because of his superior genes and mostly because of his work ethic which should not be considered anything less than of a slave.

Slaves work all the time and from sources close to Ronaldo, so does he. If he gives half his awake time to his training (which he currently does) then he does become a slave in the sense that all he is dedicated to is his work. May be that is the reason FIFA president Sepp Blatter alluded to modern football players as slaves with astronomically high salaries.

Whatever the case, it’s all good new for Real Madrid if Ronaldo can play at this level for another 6 seasons. In Fact, the doctor says that he is indicating a lower limit. If Ronaldo is truly a slave to football and does not find anything else interesting to do in life after 36 years of age apart from kicking a ball in a square field all the time, then he can continue even longer.

It would have been nice had Ronaldo scored against Espanyol last night (Real Madrid won the tie and will play, probably, Atletico Madrid in Copa Del Rey semi finals) to show that he can indeed perform at the same level game after game after game.

Ronaldo has scored 32 goals so far in 29 games. Lionel Messi has scored 18 goals in 22 games so far this season but obviously one has to integrate the fact that Messi was injured for a few months and that might have helped Ronaldo is racing forward on the goals tally.