(Photo By Calciostreaming)

(Photo By Calciostreaming)


There were several reasons this weekend in La Liga for which I think nothing happened in La liga. Here are some of them:

  • Ronaldo scored a single goal for Real Madrid against Granada. Such have been the standards Ronaldo has set for himself that when he doesn’t score a hat trick in a game, he along with everybody else is a bit disappointed. The hard work and intensity that he was putting in the match even after scoring in the 57th minute against Granada showed that Ronaldo was not content on leaving the match with a single goal. Of Course, Granada made sure Ronaldo got disappointed. For Ronaldo, it was almost as if nothing had happened even though something had happened as he obviously scored.

  • Benzema continued his recent good form by scoring another goal which put Real Madrid in control of the match. It was almost as if nothing had happened as Granada never looked threatening so it was the question of Real Madrid taking the lead in the match rather than Real Madrid holding onto it or increasing it.

  • Barcelona and Atletico Madrid both won their game, so basically the La Liga table stayed the same. Nothing changed as a WIN happened for everybody at the top.

  • Messi did not score and Ronaldo did. Perhaps that is the only thing that happened as that put Ronaldo further away from Messi in terms of number of goals scored this season.

The only other interesting thing that caught my eye was Ancelotti’s decision of not bringing on Moratta in the later stages of the game when Real Madrid were winning the game by 2-0. Instead he brought on Jesse, Isco and Illarramendi. I think this game was the perfect opportunity for Ancelotti to give Moratta some playing time.

Judging from this I think Ancelotti has given Moratta a clear signal.

Leave if you want to leave. Now.