I don’t know about you guys but I think Ancelotti has found his best bets for right back and left back positions at Real Madrid.

Marcelo and Carvajal have been amongst the most consistent players for Real Madrid this season. Both are poor in the air and that can be a problem in Champions League but as far as La Liga is concerned I think Ancelotti needs to settle down to these two in order to bring some stability to Real Madrid’s backline.

Marcelo and Carvajal offer a lot of options in attack and are strong in defense two. Marcelo is a little rough when it comes to positioning himself when not in possession of the ball but same cannot be said of Carvajal who despite being the younger of the two has shown great maturity this season.

Both have great pace and imagination when going forward with the ball and thus have helped Real Madrid unleash attacks on the opposition from behind instead of using Ronaldo and Di Maria all the time.

I think it has taken some pressure off Alonso as well. Before, Alonso had to move the ball from defense to attack 99 percent of the time especially when Marcelo was injured and Real Madrid used Arbeloa as a right back.

Arbeloa is sturdy and very well drilled but he lacks pace and ambition while going forward and that constricts Real Madrid’s width on the pitch and hence opposition can close down Real Madrid forwards with more ease. That obviously results in less chances being created and hence less amount of goal.

I don’t know what is the situation with Coentrao at the moment but my feeling is that he would like to leave Real Madrid because of two reasons. One being that he is simply a good enough player to start for any other team if he applies himself. Second, he has no chance of regular football at Real Madrid as long as Marcelo is fit and willing to make some effort. With that said, I think Coentrao is a bit more disciplined and well mannered when it comes to marking attackers and positioning himself on corners and crosses.

I think in Marcelo and Carvajal, Real Madrid are looking at least 10 years of solid left back, right back pair. A pair which can go forward with ferocious pace and can get back when needed. Against 90 percent of the teams that Real Madrid face, this combination is unbeatable. Though there are better players out the market but since Real Madrid has shown no interest in buying a defender in the near future, I think these two would fit the bill just fine.

Another advantage that Carvajal gives as a solid right back is that he is not someone you can knock off the ball easily and has a perfect sense of balance as to when to clear the ball and when to keep it in play. Marcelo on the other hand tries to be too ambitious sometimes in terms of keeping the ball and not simply kicking it out of play to let the team regroup and reposition. Against teams like Bayern Munich and Barcelona, that can be fatal.