Who should play on the left?

Ancelotti has been adamant in playing Di Maria down the middle in a mesh between Modric and Alonso. I don’t know how Di Maria adjusts himself for that position but clearly his prowess is on the wings rather than middle of the pitch where he lacks vision and strength on the ball.

It’s not that he is Real Madrid’s worst player in every match, that honor should be reserved for either Marcelo or Ramos but I can’t ignore the thought in my mind that Di Maria would be seriously thinking about his chances to improve as a player.

Playing down the middle is going to hamper his wing game and that can never be good as improving in a specific position at this level of game is very difficult so you can’t really go around switching place so drastically as Maria has done.

The problem at Real Madrid is that they have Gareth Bale on the left wing and he is, naturally, great on that wing. But for me, Bale has played as a left back in his early days and even played in the middle for Tottenham for a considerable amount of time.

Bale has speed, strength, tackling ability and passing range to make himself useful in the midfield.

Obviously, he might prove to be a big flop but there can’t be any harm done if Ancelotti does try him out in that position for a couple of matches since he himself is never shy of making changes every other week.

Otherwise Di Maria, with the amount of playing time he is getting, would not hesitate to leave Real Madrid the first of the night when the season ends and the transfer market opens.