(Photo by Calciostreaming)

(Photo by Calciostreaming)

Double whammy for Real Madrid fans as Barcelona along with Atletico Madrid have dropped 2 points each(as a icing on the cake, Messi did not score this weekend while Ronaldo did. That obviously can be countered as Messi scored twice last week whereas Ronaldo did not score at all). That has blasted the title race open with Real Madrid behind by 1 point from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.


I have to say that it took a long time to come. For some weeks it seemed like Barcelona was not going to drop any points at all, at least this season. Now Barcelona has drawn two games in 3 weeks.


Real Madrid, now, has the chance to take this opportunity and make use of it to the fullest. Grab Barcelona’s neck and choke the life out of it. This is the time for Real Madrid to pull out the daggers and lead.


In an ideal situation, now all Real Madrid has to do is to beat Barcelona at home and Atletico Madrid away from home in order to win La Liga. the caveat, of course, is that this could only happen in an ideal situation. In reality Barcelona along with Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid is going to drop points against 2 or 3 more teams. The away matches are always a pain in Spain.


This week’s highlight has to be Sameul Eto’o hat trick against Manchester United. Can’t believe that once Manchester United tried to make Real Madrid its rival in terms of major trophies won or Champions League performances.