(Photo By Calciostreaming)

(Photo By Calciostreaming)


Real Madrid went up against 20nth place Real Betis and the result was pretty much what was expected. Ronaldo, fresh from winning his 2nd Ballon D’Or, looked like he wanted to answer Messi with a wonder goal of his own (Messi had scored a superb, not breathtaking as some are saying, goal against Getafe two days ago but again in a meaningless match) when he scored with a thunderous strike from outside the box to give Real Madrid the lead inside 5 minutes.

Real Madrid never looked back from that point onwards and perhaps had Ronaldo not been so presumptuous about the whole game, he could have scored 2 or 3 goals.

Bale took a free kick, and scored, which was initially won by Ronaldo. I can’t remember the last time that had happened as Ronaldo has the habit of hogging all free kicks along with penalties.

By this time Real Madrid had taken two spectacular shots at goal and had scored two spectacular goals.

Just on the 45 minute mark, Benzema finished off Luka Modric’s super run with a neat finish but that was after he had squandered two good chances for Real Madrid. No matter how many goals he scored he always look sluggish and a step behind everyone else. Always seems like he is pushing himself hard but to no avail.

Second half saw more free flowing play from Modric and Marcelo and that put Real Madrid in firm control on the game.

Di Maria (before being subbed again but this time without any bad feelings)scored a wonder long range goal around 60th minute mark. Man that wasn’t just a long range goal. That goal was a Roberto Carlos rocket long range goal. Very clean strike on the ball resulted in a low sniper shot which caught the keeper off guard.

Morata finished off an already beaten and defeated Real Betis with a goal bang on 90th minute.

50 for Real Madrid, 50 for Barcelona and 50 for Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid are now level on points with both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid but obviously Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have got a game in hind which they are likely to win tomorrow.

Even if they don’t win their respective games, Real Madrid would still be in 3rd place as Real Madrid has a losing head to head record against both teams this season.