(Photo By Jan Solo)

(Photo By Jan Solo)

Before I point the 5 ways Ronaldo can win Ballon D’or again I just want to ask a few questions about last nights ceremony. Those are:

  • Ronaldo’s okay, but why was Perez crying?

  • What was Ronaldo’s baby boy doing on the stage. Never seen that before.

  • And not the least, how the heck Messi is always able to dress up the worse for any award ceremony

Anyway, Ronaldo won the Ballon D’or this time around after Messi had dominated the award for the past 4 years (fairly or unfairly is another question and a big question it is). Here are ways how I think Ronaldo can win it again and get into touching distance of Messi in terms of number of awards won.

  1. Ronaldo needs to score at least 60 goals this season in order to considered for the award next time. Gone are the days of Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Zidane and Figo. You score goals you win. You don’t score goals you lose as, I am sure, Sneijder, Milito and even C.Ronaldo would attest to.

  2. He obviously needs to win either the World Cup or La Liga or Champions League. The World Cup would definitely see the deal for me.

  3. Messi needs to be injured and play his worse throughout the year 2014. Injury alone is not going to suffice. I mean, Messi was injured for a good half of 2013 and yet he still managed to get 23 percent votes compared to Ronaldo’s 27 percent by scoring goals that only he can score..

  4. Ronaldo needs support. It’s about time he hires someone or pay someone to improve his image amongst fellow players and managers. Messi has been able to win 4 times not because he was the best player in each of the last four seasons but because some of his goals (which looked like they were from heaven) have been ingrained in people’s minds. Whenever we think about Messi, we think about those goals and plays. In other words, Messi gets votes because of his reputation. Ronaldo needs to get that reputation by being more humble in his interviews so that instead of hating his talent people start liking him for it just as it is with Messi.

  5. Ronaldo needs to improve his link up play. That for me is the defining difference between the two. Messi scores so many goals and so does Ronaldo but Messi is involved in so many build up plays that it looks like Barcelona is an one man army. Ronaldo is a finisher, one two punch sort of player. He needs to improve his play making ability without losing any of his goal scoring ability which is obviously going to be extremely hard to do. But there is no other way in this Messi era.