(Photo by Jan Solo)

(Photo by Jan Solo)


Benzema has scored a goal a game for the last two games. That fact is mentionable precisely because of the fact that Benzema has been in such poor form when it comes to scoring goals that matter.

I mean, from a purely numbers point of view Benzema has been doing pretty good so far. He scored 20 goals in 50 games last season. This season he has scored 12 goals in 25 games. That is a return rate of less than 0.5.

For me, to be a world class striker, your goal to game ratio should be above 0.5 and at the least 0.5. Benzema does not have that but that obviously does not make him a bad striker necessarily.

I think Ancelotti needs to change his approach towards Benzema in order to extract every ounce of potential out of him. The magic 5 ways for doing just that are:

  1. Don’t make him help out defenders or close down opposing team’s defenders or midfielders. That only makes him run a lot and as a result he has a half empty tank when the ball eventually finds him .

  2. Assign a specific position for him to play from . Benzema’s tendency is to drift to the wings when he feels like he is being tightly marked or when he is being neutralized by the offside line. Playing in one single position would allow him to adjust and fine tune his game to that particular position alone. That sometimes can help a player to get insights about the dynamics of the game which are not common.

  3. Benzema needs to think in terms of goals. Ancelotti’s job is to convince him that the only reason he is on the team is because Real Madrid wants him to score goals. Not ‘help the team out in order to win the game as there is no I in the word Team”. Brazil’s Ronaldo and France’s Henry were such great strikers precisely because their main objective on the field was to score goals and not to help the team out in anyway ‘I can’ as Benzema would put it. He is there to score goals and lots of them. So he needs to focus his energies on making clever runs behind defenders and being prepared to latch onto loose balls instead of running himself to the ground in order to help the team.

  4. Ancelotti should devise an individual training regime for Benzema. Benzema has lost a lot of agility and pace since coming to Real Madrid from Lyon. He needs to get that back if he wants to make an impact for Real Madrid. He has to be a threat for the opposition for the whole of 90 minutes not just the special 5 or 10 minutes. For that he needs to be fresh and strong when others are feeling tired and weak.

  5. There is no point in playing the one two game with Benzema. His footwork is nowhere near fast enough. He needs a little bit of time on the ball in order to do something with it. Ronaldo and Bale have that tendency to do that with Benzema. Benzema likes to shoot first time and head and shoot with a big swing at the ball. He is not the kind of player who is going to beat defense lines with slick, fast one touch passes.

That’s exactly how I think Real Madrid can adjust to get the maximum out of Benzema.