Photo By Weber

Photo By Weber


Benzema and Jesse scored for Real Madrid in the first leg of Copa Del Ray match against Osasuna. This is actually the first time we have seen Benzema scoring two important goals in 2 consecutive games. Jesse is also on his 2 goal streak and that is going to create even more problems for Di Maria.

Anyway.I guess I am going to eat my words now. Ronaldo, finally, did not score in a match. Now when was the last time you did not see the name Ronaldo on the scoresheet. So does this mean La Liga is not boring anymore (as I implied in a previous post)?

Not really. The point is, even if Ronaldo (or Messi) don’t score in a match they can influence a given game any time with a single touch of the ball. Messi did score 2 goals in his comeback match within a space of 2 minutes.

Ronaldo was not so lucky as far as scoreline is concerned but the point remains that he does not need to get on the score sheet to benefit Real Madrid in a way that reduces any given La Liga or Copa Del Rey match into a one way highway with Real Madrid on overdrive.

Ronaldo didn’t score. Fine. But Real Madrid won 2-0. The Copa Del Rey tie is over. The 2nd leg would be mere formality. Barcelona won 4-0 so that tie has gone bye bye too.

Compare that to Barclays Premier League  and you have Manchester United losing to Southampton in Capital One Cup match 2-1.

Ronaldo obviously would say that goal count does not matter and the important thing was that Real Madrid won, but I think it’s easy to see that he is fretting over the prospect of a win over Messi in Ballon D’or count