Photo by Jan Solo

Photo by Jan Solo

Can someone smell a conspiracy here? Against Real Madrid that is. Don’t mean to stretch that imagination too much but why is it that Real Madrid’s core (read absolutely crucial) players are getting into trouble simultaneously?

First, its Ronaldo. First he told reporter a couple of months ago that he wasn’t happy at Real Madrid. Real Madrid listened and made him happy by upgrading his already insane salary package. Fine.

Now Ancelotti is trying to play him in positions where he does not feel himself. There is no talk from Ronaldo of staying at the club past his current contract. He seems far too distracted with his Ballon D’or ambitions rather than with Real Madrid’s challenges.

After that, we have Di Maria who has been making news everywhere. He likes no one. He glowered at Ancelotti when he got subbed in a meaningless Copa Del Rey game. Then, couple of days ago,  he made an offensive gesture towards the crowd. He apologized, Real Madrid launched an investigation which resulted in Di Maria coming clean. No charges. But now, Di Maria says that he just wants to enjoy football (as does every other player) and wants to help the team till the end of the season. That tells me that he (along with Ancelotti) knows that his type is up for real this time unless he is living in a dream world where he thinks he can outrank Bale and Isco for a place in the starting line up under Ancelotti’s watch.

There was a lot of speculation surrounding Xabi Alonso as well, who is considered to be the engine of this Real Madrid team. What had he done? Nothing. Still there were reports about him wanting to leave Real Madrid. In any case, Alonso has signed an extension with Real Madrid and we can cross his situation with Real Madrid off the list.

If that was not enough (in the sense that every important Real Madrid is reported to be discontent and miserable at Real Madrid) Casillas is also being targeted, sort of. Okay, he is way better goalkeeper than someone who deserves a place on the bench but one thing most people forget is that Real Madrid is his boyhood club. He would not want to leave this place unless he is really pushed to do so.

And Ancelotti is trying his best to push him to do so. PSG is reported to be interest in Casillas’s exclusive traits such as insane reflexes and almost perfect score in one on one situations with any striker apart from Messi. Lets see what happens there but I think once it’s clear to everyone that Casillas is about to leave Real Madrid, Perez is going to fire Ancelotti and keep Casillas. Perhaps that would be the best solution of all other permutations.

And if someone did not know already then perhaps its fitting to end the post by reporting that Messi made his comeback yesterday and scored twice for Barcelona. 2 goals in seemingly 1 minute (90th). Shame on you Getafe.