(Photo By Jan Solo)

(Photo By Jan Solo)


So whats new in La Liga. Nothing, in short at least.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid all won their games and that fact alone is starting to get on my nerves now. Other La Liga teams have got to work harder to improve themselves so, obviously, that they can mount some sort of a challenge to this triad.

May be my assessment about Atletico Madrid being too good for 90 percent of the teams in La Liga is amiss somehow. Afterall, they worked hard and deserve every bit of success that comes their way. Atletico Madrid did not buy their way into such a dominant position like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Anyway, talking about something new. The fact is there is nothing new in La Liga. Barcelona will keep on winning through the efforts of Neymar and/or Sanchez irrespective of the fact that Messi is injured or not.

Ronaldo will keep on scoring for Real Madrid either with Bale/Maria or without Bale/Maria. It has to be said, whether he comes back from an injury or a winter break or even a broken knee, the fact is that in La Liga Ronaldo will keep on scoring goals. Obviously he works hard to get those goals. I don’t agree with people saying that Ronaldo scores goals for fun, that is evidently Messi’s forte but it does not change the fact that if Ronaldo works hard, which he always does, he always scores in La Liga and that is boring.

Perhaps there was one incidence which was not so usual in La Liga or in any other league. Di Maria, as usual, got substituted when Ancelotti saw that Real Madrid needed the pace of Jesse and Bale in the attack. This made sense.
What did not make any sense was that Di Maria en route to taking his place on the bench somehow made an offensive gesture ostensibly towards Ancelotti or the whole crowd. Di Maria denied doing anything wicked in the post match presser but did apologize anyhow.

I don’t know but seems like Di Maria’s time at Real Madrid is up (now where have we seen that written before twice or maybe thrice?)