Jan Solo

Photo By Jan Solo

It was a wonderful weekend of football as far as BPL is concerned. La Liga was off for the weekend so I thought I might switch to BPL for a little bit just to keep an eye out on Mourinho’s Chelsea and Liverpool’s Suarez. Add, Manchester City (as they are playing our friendly Barcelona in the Champions League in a month’s time) to that list too.Sadly, all disappointed me.

First, Mourinho’s Chelsea is quite a strong team. I think they can easily compete in the Champions League this season. It has to be said that they are not leading in BPL but I think with the players he currently has, next season is going to see the full force of Chelsea. I particularly enjoyed watching Hazard and Oscar on the ball. Wouldn’t mind Real Madrid splashing out for those folks in the future.

Secondly, Liverpool’s Suarez is nothing like Ronaldo. As was the case with Bale, people who watch BPL (and don’t watch any La Liga) seem to have this bad sense of scaling player’s abilities perhaps. A player scores 4 games in a row and they jump to compare him with Ronaldo (sometimes Messi if the player is short and left footed)without ¬†putting the later’s achievements into perspective.

Suarez is good and perhaps trade-able with Benzema but nothing more than that. The wrong thing happening here is that Liverpool are currently looking at the January market for another striker. That should mean that they will not be willing to sell Suarez to Real Madrid . Or it could also mean that perhaps Liverpool have conceded that Real Madrid are going to get their man no matter what, so it’s better to prepare for the worst in advance.

Suarez’s performances against Manchester City and Chelsea did not impress me. Seems like he has trouble with defenders who are fast and read the game well. Real Madrid’s main rivals are Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. They have fast defenders so Suarez is not the perfect fit for this situation. But there is another problem for Real Madrid.

Benzema is kind of OFF at the moment. Well, his form this season can be summed up in one word. WOEFUL. He may have scored 10 goals from 20 games this season but I can’t recall any of his goals to be of any importance. He has been an isolated figure both on and off the pitch. It would be interesting to see what Real Madrid do about him and his replacement.

In a turn of events, reports have emerged that Di Maria and Alonso want to leave Real Madrid either in January or in the summer. That cannot be good for Real Madrid (on the plus side, this surely increases the chances of Ancelotti leaving Real Madrid at the end of the season). While I have been a strong proponent on keeping Di Maria and Alonso no matter what, it seems like they themselves want to leave Real Madrid.

When that happens (as with Ozil) there is only one option. Kick them out. There is no place for players who don’t want to be here at Real Madrid..